Optician projects by WSB

1Optics Amberg | Erlangen (DE)

2Van Leeuwen Optiek | Bodegraven (NL)

3Optics Matthijs | Ghent (BE)

4Optiker Kelb | Hamburg (DE)

The whole team is there for you, from the start to the finish. Everyone takes great care in realizing the project. The delivery was flawless, it was very impressive. Speed and professionalism on point. I absolutely do not regret applying and if I have a next project it will be…

Venessa PatardPrunelle Optique | Paris (FR)

5Tweyes Optiek | Aalter (BE)

6Van der Weij Optiek | Geldermalsen (NL)

7Zien en Horen Frits van den Bosch | Wommelgem (BE)

8Optique Des Arcades – Lamboley | Neuchâtel (CH)

We are absolutely satisfied with the work! From the first meeting with Sven Brixius from WSB Ladenbau to planning and execution, everything went great! We have a beautiful store that makes everyone happy! Thank you.

Stephan and CarolMeister Optic | Euskirchen (DE)

9Gerber Optik | Forchheim (DE)

10Optik Schiller | Paderborn (DE)

11La Grande Lunetterie | Monthey (CH)

12Optique Design | Nandrin (BE)

WSB is not an obvious choice as a Flemish optician with renovation plans. The distance from Scherpenzeel to Oudenaarde makes it less cost efficient, but we still worked our plans out and we don't regret our decision! We sought confirmation of what we had previously been told by honest Flemish…


13Van Leeuwen Opticien | Hardinxveld (NL)

14Schmutz Optics | Fribourg (CH)

15Meer Optiek | Vlaardingen (NL)

16Meister Optic | Euskirchen (DE)

With the new shop, the WSBDesign shop fitters, together with the experts from the Viehoff Group, have created another Opti that perfectly combines the demand for the highest quality and outstanding design. This is also reflected in the result: since the reopening, we have not only received many positive reactions…

Johannes KleikampViehoff Gruppe

17Wagner Optician | Koblenz (DE)

18Brillen Büchner | Wuppertal (DE)

19Akkerman Kruiskade | Rotterdam (NL)

20Optique Saint-Pierre | Pontarlier (FR)

WSB is a professional company. Unburden you as a business owner with the renovation. And the result is beautiful!

Marcel van OosterhoutMeer Optiek, Vlaardingen (NL)

21Van der Leeuw Optics | Delft (NL)

22Optique Plein Centre | Villers lès Nancy (FR)

23Miller United Optics | Innsbruck (AT)

24Dijck2 Optics | Delft

Professional and efficient design and execution WSB immediately understood what we wanted to achieve in the renovation of our store and was able to transcribe our ideas into a clear and very modern project. The atmosphere, design, colors and materials offered by WSB perfectly reflect the state of mind of…

Line – Churchill OpticsChurchill Optics

25Raltschitsch | Trier (DE)

26Groenhof Optiek | Amstelveen (NL)

27Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE)

28Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE)

“WSB is a great company. Young people creating a fantastic product. As a result, our beautiful shop is ready for many years to come. I think it is the most wonderful opticians shop in the Netherlands today.” Scores: 10, Retail design: 10, Assistance: 10, Realisation: 10."

SimonBergambacht Optiek

29Vimeu Optique | Friville Escarbotin (FR)

30Brillen und Hörgeräte Nowak | Osnabrück (DE)

31Pierre Eyecare, Hattem (NL) | Interior Concept

32Kruithof Optiek | Numansdorp

The assembly technicians were super, really excellent. I am very pleased to have collaborated with WSB, and I am happy to recommend them. I than WSB for the great collaboration!

Susanne BuchholzKlöckner Optik

33Van der Knaap Optics | Shop Design

34Woldringh Optiek | Groningen (NL)

35Optik Kohlbacher | Bernkastel-Kues (DE)

36Groenewegen Opthometrie | Hulst (NL)

"Recommendation: yes" "Fine company. Expert, quality, fulfil agreements."

Kool Optician: reviewKool Optician - Rotterdam (NL)

37Cysouw optics new concept by WSB-Shopfitting

38Schumann Optik | Düsseldorf (DE)

39B&M Optiek | Oostende (BE)

40Reyntjens Optics | Complete Shop Design

"Recommendation: yes" "We were very positively surprised with the way WSB translated our vision and wishes in the shop design. Collaboration was pleasant at all levels. Weaknesses: none."

Design Review by Hans van LeeuwenVan Leeuwen Optician

41Ben van der Heiden zien & horen

42Geider Optik | Östringen

43Bertram Optik | Rinteln

44LOOK by Kool Optiek in Rotterdam: Store experience 3.0

"Recommendation: yes" "I experienced this collaboration as highly professional!"

Frits van den Bosch Optician: review

45Iris Brillen Baarn (Prescription Glasses)

46Gobert Opticians – Knokke: New store interior

47Optic 65 | Thionville

48Akkerman Opticians Rotterdam

"Recommendation: yes" "Top experience in terms of both speed and execution. Certainly fully committed to dotting the i’s! We will also have our second shop renovated by WSB. That should say enough!"

Review Gobert Optics – Knokke (BE)Gobert Optics - Knokke (BE)

49Nuytinck optician retail design & retail construction

50Schmidt Optician – Amsterdam: Retail design optical store

51Klöckner Optik fully renovated shop interior

52Plusminus Optik (LU): interior optician

"Recommendation: yes Great specification of our wishes: a unique concept with character. Professional assistance. Agreements are fulfilled. Problem solving. Excellent follow-up and after-sales service. In short, recommended!"

Shopdesign WSB – Review Karel MatthijsMatthijs Optician

53Thyssen Optiek – Kapellen (BE): Winkelinrichting Optiek

54Eyefasion Zeist: Design interior concept

55Mirck Optics | Retail Design

56Bergambacht Optiek – ready for 2025

"The entire renovation was completed just fine. Communication was just fine too. The execution and aftercare were completed correctly."

Bas Optician: review

57Trendy shopdesign for Beeks Oog en Oor te ‘s-Gravenzande

58Kaasschieter Audiology: Store design hearing care specialist

59Schreven jeweler and optician: Interior design

60Store fixtures Optics – Valentijn Opticians

"The design was spot-on. Fun team to work with."

Customer review by Nuytinck OpticsShopdesign for Nuytinck

61Interior design Optica Kywi – Willemstad Curaçao

62Design Optician Schröder in Steinheim (DE)

63The Romph Optician: Renovation and extension of optician

64Store Fixtures Optician by WSB

"I have been working with WSB for a long time. They always listen to my wishes very carefully and always realise these well and innovatively." Recommendation? "Yes, I strongly recommend WSB!"

Xander Pols from City LensCity Lens - Rotterdam en Den Haag

65Design Loonen Optician

66Interior design | Van Leeuwen Optician

67Interior design Eekelaar Optician

68Interior design Knokke Heist > Gobert Optics by WSB

69Design Tilroe Optician, Vlissingen

70Jochem for eyes: Interior design + made

71Design Shop Heutinck Optician

72Design store optician – Kriek

73Azami by City Lens | Den Haag (NL)

74Bieberer Optics: Interior design

75Bas Optiek, Amsterdam

76Design Optician Monika Elsen – Schüttorf (DE)

77Interior Design Optician van den Bosch (BE)

78Retail design Royal Hulleman Optician (NL)

79Matthijs Optician Gent (BE): Design and inspiration

80Shopfitting Optician Jongen – Heerlen

81Design Audicien van der Leeuw

82Grit Optometrie, Utrecht

83Moonen Optics, Simpelveld

84Zonneveld Optiek, Heiloo

85Kruithof Optiek, Rotterdam (NL)

86Inspiring design for Groenhof Optician

87Retail design City Lens Optician, Rotterdam

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