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Shop design optician in Belgium with green ceiling


  • Location Paderborn (DE)
  • Size 250 m2
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Optician

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Presenting exclusive eyewear shop fitting optician WSB
Colorful shop fitting with suspended ceiling in optician WSB Shopfitting

Design and realization shopfitting of optics in Germany

The new eyewear department store of the Viehoff Grüppe in Paderborn (DE) is an amalgamation of two opticians: Optik Schiller and Optik Reitzki. The challenge for the WSB team was to merge the two optical shops at a new prime location under the name Optik Schiller.

The design assignment for the fourth store of the Viehoff Grüppe (Optik Amberg in Erlangen, Optik Wagner in Koblenz and Brillen Büchner in Wuppertal-Ronsdorf) was different: “We want a change of direction in terms of design. Recognizable elements have been included in the three previous stores. It is up to WSB to integrate more colour, round shapes and a touch of PopArt into the new store concept.” The shop was divided into two units with a lot of available height and many columns. The total makeover was therefore a must. Both facade and interior have been completely stripped and renewed.

The colorful rug, together with the organically shaped regular table, is a real eye-catcher. The red leather seating area at the back of the store enhances the colors of the rug and is appreciated by customers. The whole is ideal for waiting and for sale.

Shop renovation of the Schiller optics store in Germany with colour, round shapes WSB Shopfitting
Design interior optician with optimal routing WSB

Optimal routing in interior opticians

After a thorough preliminary study, it was clear that the public flow required a counterclockwise routing. That was also the best place for the entrance to direct the flow of customers along the long wall. A clear accent has been laid from the heart of the entrance to accentuate the depth: the lowered ceiling ends in a colossal round mirror in which the logo is incorporated. Two of the seventeen columns are upholstered, which, in combination with indirect LED lighting, give the ceiling a refined touch.

The position of the counter was very important. As a kind of ‘Cape Canaveral Space Force Station’, the overview had to be clear for both customer and staff. Checking out, providing service, serving coffee and minor repairs: it all happens in the heart of the store. The dynamics of the shop design of this optical store can be clearly seen from the outside and encourages outside customers to take a look.

A strategic merger of two stores that, in a prime location in a beautiful ambiance of international allure, generates the necessary new customers and makes the old customers super happy. In short: a good move by the Viehoff team!

Presenting high-end (sun)glasses in an optician

The glasses presentations are equipped with different materials such as wallpaper from Élitis and imitation fur from Yak skin (with the vertical LED lighting this gives a fantastic effect). The wall with the round holes gives the glasses a feeling of exclusivity. A number of holes provide a playful view of the pre-screening and the refraction chambers. Here is also the access to the workshop. The decoration has also been put together by the WSB team with the help of external stylists and gives the store the necessary extra atmosphere, making the hotel lobby feel grand.

Shop fitting optics: eye care at its best

The entrance to the pre-screening room and the three refraction rooms is a colonnade that the designers of the WSBDesign team have cleverly concealed in a beautifully detailed whole. Do you have renovation plans as an optician and are you looking for a unique design for your optical store? Call WSB for an inspiring brainstorming session.

Custom-made glasses presentations with round shapes for the presentation of high-end (sun) glasses WSBDESIGN.COM
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