History WSB

Since 1958

It all started in a barn in Driebergen (NL). Messrs Wateler, Seeger and Blankenstijn started their company WSB shop carpentry. In 1988 it was Blankenstijn, the ‘B’ of WSB, who continued the company ‘solo’ as the youngest participant. A family business was born on 8,000 m2 of land in Scherpenzeel. In February 1990, after a fierce, devastating fire, a brand new, architectural and innovative building was built. In 2002, Blankenstijn senior transferred his shares to sons Bert and Rick Blankenstijn and son-in-law Nico Schreuder. Since then, they have formed a triumvirate that bears daily management and ultimate responsibility.

Founder WSB

History WSB History WSB

Focus on quality and innovation

With their focus on retail knowledge, craftsmanship and innovation WSB operates in the top level of the retail playing field. This innovation ensures that WSB can offer payable high quality and a commercial design. A fact that our customers greatly appreciate.

                                                  Inspiration from the street

Our customers expect from WSB up-to-date knowledge of what is changing in the retail markets and retail concepts. What is going on in the world of shopping? That knowledge we sniff on in cities such as New York, Basel, Berlin, Paris, London and Milan and the far east. We travel much. We are always searching for trends, unique style, design
and architecture.