Retail chains

Successful shop fittings for retail chains

WSB creates your offline success every day. We are creative concept creators with a lot of practical experience. Since 1958. But in our heads we are already working on 2040. Innovation and efficiency make us an international leader in the field of shop fitting.

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Retail Design & realisation

Our industrial production process ensures competitive prices and a very flexible attitude towards retail chains. Our retail designers ensure optimal returns. Our project leaders use our calculators to ensure perfect budget control of all suppliers in combination with your total budget.

Optics Amberg | Erlangen (DE)

1Optics Amberg | Erlangen (DE)

Retail design Dixons 3.0, Nijmegen

2Retail design Dixons 3.0, Nijmegen

Wedding World bruidswinkel | Oberhausen (DE)

3Wedding World bruidswinkel | Oberhausen (DE)

Gabor | Nieuwegein

4Gabor | Nieuwegein

"Recommendation: yes" "I experienced this collaboration as highly professional!"

Frits van den Bosch Optician: review

Anna van Toor | Leidschendam (NL)

5Anna van Toor | Leidschendam (NL)

Miller United Optics | Innsbruck (AT)

6Miller United Optics | Innsbruck (AT)

Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent 

7Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent 

Seiko Brandstore | Amsterdam (NL)

8Seiko Brandstore | Amsterdam (NL)

"It clicked from word go. The personal, positive approach and genuine interest in the customer was so appealing in WSB. Throughout the entire process, the short lines were the key theme. This allowed for resolving problems and coming up with ideas and patches very quickly. The constant work quality is…

Review by Dennis – Burger FashionBurger Fashion and More

Livera | Utrecht (NL)

9Livera | Utrecht (NL)

Anna van Toor | IJsselstein (NL)

10Anna van Toor | IJsselstein (NL)

Mauer | Bochum

11Mauer | Bochum

Interior Coolblue Electronics Rotterdam

12Interior Coolblue Electronics Rotterdam

"The design was spot-on. Fun team to work with."

Customer review by Nuytinck OpticsShopdesign for Nuytinck, Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Daka Sport | Apeldoorn (NL)

14Daka Sport | Apeldoorn (NL)

Thorough restyling MarcEdwards Menswear, Haarlem

15Thorough restyling MarcEdwards Menswear, Haarlem

Eddy’s Eindhoven | The Fashionstore

16Eddy’s Eindhoven | The Fashionstore

"I have been working with WSB for a long time. They always listen to my wishes very carefully and always realise these well and innovatively." Recommendation? "Yes, I strongly recommend WSB!"

Xander Pols from City LensCity Lens - Rotterdam en Den Haag

Daka Sport, Rotterdam | Large-scale renovation

17Daka Sport, Rotterdam | Large-scale renovation

Anna van Toor Fashion: Shopfitting by WSB

18Anna van Toor Fashion: Shopfitting by WSB

Shop-in-shop Dungelmann Schoenen and Berden Mode

19Shop-in-shop Dungelmann Schoenen and Berden Mode

Shuz, Retail design shoe concept store

20Shuz, Retail design shoe concept store

The projects in the Retail chains category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

What we do

WSB creates and produces Successful Interior Design for retail, offices and luxury villas. WSB confirms and strengthens the client’s (brand) experience in a creative and distinctive way in the design of your shop interior and project interior. We have been the full service provider of turn-key interior concepts for 8500 m² since 1958. We provide high-quality design, procurement, tight project management and beautiful results, according to your wishes.

WSB is a national and international leader in the interior construction of shop interiors, retail chains, showrooms, global brands and practice furnishings. Our industrial production process ensures competitive prices and high quality finishing. WSB works with its own professional team of architects, architectural draughtsmen, project supervisors and furniture makers.