Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent 

Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent  - Office Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent  - Office Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent  - Office Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent  - Office Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent  - Office Sinke Komejan, Goes (NL) | Design estate agent  - Office

Design real estate agent Sinke

Sinke Komejan is an enigma in the Zeeland housing market. Expertise and tradesmanship, hospitality and quick action are Sinke’s core values. The design for the Goes real estate agent office was created by the interior architects of WSB. The design is centred around pure materials such as leather on the countertop, refined details in the steel and milling work furniture. The coromandel wood is combined with high-contrast but calm colours. This makes for a pleasant impression when visiting this real estate office.

Presentation system range of houses on offer broker

WSB chose a hybrid presentation system for the presentation of the product advice and the houses available for sale. Information is provided in both digital and tangible form,  combining the best of 2 worlds.

DNA profile of estate agent concept

WSB’s interior architects focus on creating the brand experience based on the principal’s DNA profile. We bring our skills in the field of commercial retail design to the table. Not everything that looks good is good. The brand must be balanced, have recruiting power and create a follower group.

Experience in Residential Interior Design

Based on the broad experience in the real estate office market and our projects in clinic interiors, office interiors and the high demand for Residential Interior Design, we are able to inspire you. Do you plan to renovate your shop? Are you moving into a new home? Please call us on +31 33 2771 714 for an inspiring brainstorm session.

Koos assesses WSB Interior Construction: “Meanwhile, Sinke Komejan has fully renovated two of our offices in collaboration with WSB. The design for our main office in Middelburg is already on the table now! Fully in line with the perfect designs of WSB and our specific wishes. We are very proud of our beautiful newly renovated offices, of course. Many clients give us positive responses to the look and feel of our offices. Eventually, such major investments are made both for our employees’ optimal job satisfaction and the positive and professional look and feel that Sinke Komejan is synonymous with. Thank you WSB for the perfect long-term collaboration!”

On behalf of the entire team of Sinke Komejan, Makelaarskantoor Zwaan and Hypotheekshop Zeeland.


  • Location Goes
  • Time 2 weeks
  • Size 125 m2
  • Delivery Sleutelklaar
  • Design WSB Interior Design
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Office

More information?

The projects in the Office category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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