What we do

WSB creates and produces Successful Interior Design for retail, offices and luxury villas. WSB confirms and strengthens the client’s (brand) experience in a creative and distinctive way in the design of your shop interior and project interior. We have been the full service provider of turn-key interior concepts for 8500 m² since 1958. We provide high-quality design, procurement, tight project management and beautiful results, according to your wishes.

WSB is a national and international leader in the interior construction of shop interiors, retail chains, showrooms, global brands and practice furnishings. Our industrial production process ensures competitive prices and high quality finishing. WSB works with its own professional team of architects, architectural draughtsmen, project supervisors and furniture makers.


Who are we?
Our team consists of more than 60 own architects, interior designers, calculators, buyers, architectural draughtsmen, project supervisors, furniture makers, painters, woodworkers and technicians. This enables WSB to closely follow and control the processes in the various phases of execution. As a result, the WSB team is leading in the turnkey delivery of complex and beautiful worlds of experience. We distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market by a very good combination of distinctive design, competitive prices and a good construction team. Basically, we have been a family business since 1958. Passion, care and craftsmanship characterise us. And we operate internationally.



Meet WSB

Solid family business since ’58

High-end showroom
Retail, office & living

Affordable design
Industrial production process, competitive prices


HIGH ENDWSB works for high end clients. Nationally and internationally.
TRENDSWhat is the behaviour of customers, your visitors, your relations?
DNAWhat core values of your company do you want to build on?
STRATEGYWhere do you want to be in 10 years?
CONCEPT DEVELOPMENTThe process in which we search for the DNA of your Retail business.
BRANDSBrands make more money. What is the status of your concept as a brand?
PROFESSIONALSWe love our work and are dedicated to it, no matter how small or large the job.
FUTUREIn 2025, 42% of the population will be over 50 and 21% under 20. What does that mean for your business?
STRONGA strong brand is not born strong, but made strong through much effort.
TARGET GROUPA good concept does not have a target group but is followed by a group. It is distinctive and has a strong online and offline channel.


DETAILSDetails make perfection, perfection is not a detail. (Leonardo da Vinci)
CUSTOMIZATION We design custom interiors, no standard tricks.
EXPERIENCE How do you make sure people like to be with you? Why the hospitality industry should be our example.
DNAHow is your DNA expressed in the design?
UNIQUEHow do you make sure your relations remember the environment?
INTERIOR DESIGN A good design is more than just a transformation. It translates the ambitions of your brand.
AFFORDABLEThe plan has to be beautiful, but affordable.
ROUTINGHow do people physically move through your space. What is commercial, beautiful and practical?
MOODBOARDKnowledge of materials creates atmosphere and perception.

3Project management

TURN KEYA large orchestra needs a professional conductor.
NETWORKLarge network of reliable and competitive suppliers. Monitoring of time and quality.
BUYINGWe love buying, and write and check specification requests.
PLANNINGA delivery date is a delivery date. Good process management keeps the delivery time short.
BUILDING SUPERVISION The conductor of the construction orchestra. A smooth process. On-site construction meetings. Coordination between the parties.
AFFORDABLE DREAM Our calculators and planners translate dreams into affordable ideas and constructions. The plan has to be beautiful, but affordable.
DRAWINGS DRAWINGS Our strength lies in good detailed drawings and their coordination. No surprises in heights, depths and widths.
CHAINS WSB produces and buys for chains such as Coolblue, Anna van Toor, Intersport, Livera, Daka.


OWN FACTORY An 8000 m² factory where your design takes shape.
INNOVATIONHigh-tech machinery and 3D control. For example, the finishing of our sheets can, if desired compete with real spray painting. Budget control is always an important aspect.
QUALITY Solid woodworking, veneering, milling and spraying. No problem!
INDUSTRIAL Our industrial production process ensures competitive prices.
TEAM A flat organisation. Our team is informal.
OWN PEOPLE Our team consists of 60 people. This ensures the necessary scope for action.
(INTER)NATIONAL Assembly on-site by our own people. WSB works in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Austria. Small and large projects.