• “WSB is a great company. Young people creating a fantastic product. As a result, our beautiful shop is ready for many years to come. I think it is the most wonderful opticians shop in the Netherlands today.” Scores: 10, Retail design: 10, Assistance: 10, Realisation: 10."
    SimonBergambacht Optiek
  • The assembly technicians were super, really excellent. I am very pleased to have collaborated with WSB, and I am happy to recommend them. I than WSB for the great collaboration!
    Susanne BuchholzKlöckner Optik
  • The response to the shop is so positive! I hear from representatives left and right that we have one of the most beautiful shops in Belgium... That really makes us proud! Thank you for the fantastic design!
  • "Recommendation: yes" "Fine company. Expert, quality, fulfil agreements."
    Kool Optician: reviewKool Optician - Rotterdam (NL)
  • "Recommendation: yes" "We were very positively surprised with the way WSB translated our vision and wishes in the shop design. Collaboration was pleasant at all levels. Weaknesses: none."
    Brilpresentatie Design Review by Hans van LeeuwenVan Leeuwen Optician
  • "Recommendation: yes" "I experienced this collaboration as highly professional!"
    Frits van den Bosch Optician: review
  • "Recommendation: yes" "Top experience in terms of both speed and execution. Certainly fully committed to dotting the i’s! We will also have our second shop renovated by WSB. That should say enough!"
    Review Gobert Optics – Knokke (BE)Gobert Optics - Knokke (BE)
  • "Recommendation: yes" "The best one of my business lifetime!"
    Smit Shoes
  • "Recommendation: yes" "We have completed 2 shops with WSB now and we are very pleased about the final result. The collaboration about the design of the shop concepts was very pleasant and they listened very carefully to our vision."
    Stout Jeans: review
  • "Recommandation: oui " "Plans were prepared very thoroughly, with innovative ideas and detailed preparation. Perfect execution by a highly motivated team. Correct execution in both technical and administrative terms. Highly recommended!"
    Jewellery Vrancken: reviewVrancken Jewellery (Genk - BE)
  • "Recommendation: yes" "Very pleasant people to work with, they think in terms of solutions and possibilities. Already done several renovations with WSB and we were always very pleased with the final result.
    Niestadt Jewellery: review
  • "Recommendation: yes" "Pleasant collaboration with a wonderful final result. We still frequently hear customers say: “Your shop is just beautiful!”."
    Van Hell Jewellery: reviewVan Hell Jewelleries
  • "Recommendation: yes Great specification of our wishes: a unique concept with character. Professional assistance. Agreements are fulfilled. Problem solving. Excellent follow-up and after-sales service. In short, recommended!"
    Shopdesign WSB – Review Karel MatthijsMatthijs Optician
  • "The entire renovation was completed just fine. Communication was just fine too. The execution and aftercare were completed correctly."
    Bas Optician: review
  • "If it is even better than it looked on paper... We will do it again straight away!"
    winkelrenovatie Klerekast Fashion
  • "WSB is a company that is wonderfully involved in preparations, fulfils agreements. Excellent tradesmen. We are very pleased about the completion of our renovation."
    Review Berden FashionBerden Fashion
  • "Very pleasant doing business with WSB. From the first introduction to the final result, it was completed to perfection. Friendly employees who know what they are talking about."
    Review by RobertRobert den Haag
  • "It clicked from word go. The personal, positive approach and genuine interest in the customer was so appealing in WSB. Throughout the entire process, the short lines were the key theme. This allowed for resolving problems and coming up with ideas and patches very quickly. The constant work quality is of a very high level and everyone with WSB seems to have the same passion and engagement. WSB sets high standards to itself and also to its sub-contractors and suppliers. WSB thinks in terms of options rather than shortcomings. Burger is immensely pleased about the entire process and delivery, and will be happy to recommend WSB to other companies."
    Review by Dennis – Burger FashionBurger Fashion and More
  • "Thanks to the personal advice from Rick Blankenstijn of WSB, we were able to realise an extension of our shops. From the design through the realisation, their assistance was very pleasant with a high level of expertise. Good mix of expert advice and personal contribution to the design of the shop, and also their know-how about insurance requirements is certainly adequate."
    Review by KobusKaptijn Jewellery
  • Frank: "It was so much fun to work with WSB. Pity we could not have the shop renovated by WSB every month. From the first phone call on, everything went so smoothly. Agreements were fulfilled, no delays, no rescheduling. The finishing was really dotting the i’s, without any extra cost. Deal is deal for WSB."
    Review design jewellery HellinxHellinx Jewellery Design
  • "WSB came up with very unexpected designs. Very lovely, a great fit to the old style of our building, and highly effective. Agreements were promptly fulfilled.`
    Review by Intermedica
  • "The design was spot-on. Fun team to work with."
    Customer review by Nuytinck OpticsShopdesign for Nuytinck
  • "We have been collaborating with WSB for many years, to full satisfaction. But this time they really achieved a world class performance. In March we got the go-ahead to add over 400 m2 to our Intersport MegaStore in Roermond and to develop a 180 m2 Sneaker department! With the slogan ‘decided today, finished tomorrow’, WSB worked with us to create, specify, draw and complete everything with full expertise in a super short time frame. Great to see companies that stand for both quality and speed."
    ladenbau sport einrichtung Customer review by Roy – Intersport Megastore Roermond
  • "Professional company. They do what they say and fulfil the agreements they made. Short lines of communication and excellent operational staff. Great after-care."
    winkelrenovatie Customer review Torenbeek Shoes – Klaas:Torenbeek Shoes
  • "I have been working with WSB for a long time. They always listen to my wishes very carefully and always realise these innovatively." Recommendation? "Yes, I strongly recommend WSB!"
    Evaluation store design Optician City LensCity Lens - Rotterdam en Den Haag