Interior design in Knokke Heist.

Commercial experience based on design of calm, shape, luxury materials at Gobert Opticians

Rick Blankenstijn of WSB Interiors: Gobert Optiek’s shop is compact. The design is calm, with a minimalist but luxury look and feel and an active positioning to the street side. Note the window displays that continue into the shop: Top!

Collaboration between WSB Shopfitting and Gobert Optiek

Frederick Gobert of Gobert Optiek in Knokke-Heist (BE) and Rick Blankenstijn of WSB Shopfitting had their first meeting about a new shop in January. Frederick had looked up various architects for 3 months. It was not what he was looking for, and the price was too high. Until the pleasant introduction to Rick Blankenstijn and Rick Schreuder of WSB Shopfitting Rick Schreuder. The shop was finished on 20 March. The results are great. Frederick: The level of visitors here requires a contemporary, luxury shop. WSB understood that perfectly. Everyone can come see. I am happy to tell everyone that I am so pleased!

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Interior Knokke-Heist

Would you like to know more? We design and build stores, create interiors of luxury living rooms, manor houses, villas and showrooms of companies and B2B environments. Creativity is the central elements.

Rick Blankenstijn about WSB Interiors:

Our company is a healthy and progressive family company. We are the market leader because we continuously anticipate the developments. WSB creates and realises wonderful projects. Store concepts for retail chains and independent entrepreneurs, office interiors, spaces for specialists and luxury country manors.


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Review Gobert Optics – Knokke (BE) about WSB
Gobert Optics - Knokke (BE)

“Recommendation: yes”

“Top experience in terms of both speed and execution. Certainly fully committed to dotting the i’s!

We will also have our second shop renovated by WSB. That should say enough!”


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About WSB

  • LOCATION: Knokke Heist (BE)
  • OPPERVLAK: 37 m2
  • DELIVERY: 2014
  • DESIGN: WSB Retail design
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

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