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Good eyewear store entrepreneurs recognize this question: How do I create shopping experience in my optical shop? Our retail designers have a good answer: WSB is nr 1 in Interior design for opticians.

Design and shopfitting optical stores

What innovations for my optician stores will I adjust? How will I focus myself on retail brands? What means brand design for my store? How can I increase my market share? If I want to reach the top, how do I deal with budget control and monitoring? Who is able to translate the DNA of my strategy into a successful store design? Call the dutch specialists of WSB Shopfitting Group for an inspiring conversation: 31 33 2771714. Our retail designers visit world cities like New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin and so on.

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  • “WSB is a great company. Young people creating a fantastic product. As a result, our beautiful shop is ready for many years to come. I think it is the most wonderful opticians shop in the Netherlands today.” Scores: 10, Retail design: 10, Assistance: 10, Realisation: 10."
    SimonBergambacht Optiek
  • The assembly technicians were super, really excellent. I am very pleased to have collaborated with WSB, and I am happy to recommend them. I than WSB for the great collaboration!
    Susanne BuchholzKlöckner Optik
  • "Recommendation: yes" "Fine company. Expert, quality, fulfil agreements."
    Kool Optician: reviewKool Optician - Rotterdam (NL)
  • "Recommendation: yes" "We were very positively surprised with the way WSB translated our vision and wishes in the shop design. Collaboration was pleasant at all levels. Weaknesses: none."
    Brilpresentatie Design Review by Hans van LeeuwenVan Leeuwen Optician
  • "Recommendation: yes" "I experienced this collaboration as highly professional!"
    Frits van den Bosch Optician: review
  • "Recommendation: yes" "Top experience in terms of both speed and execution. Certainly fully committed to dotting the i’s! We will also have our second shop renovated by WSB. That should say enough!"
    Review Gobert Optics – Knokke (BE)Gobert Optics - Knokke (BE)
  • "Recommendation: yes Great specification of our wishes: a unique concept with character. Professional assistance. Agreements are fulfilled. Problem solving. Excellent follow-up and after-sales service. In short, recommended!"
    Shopdesign WSB – Review Karel MatthijsMatthijs Optician
  • "The entire renovation was completed just fine. Communication was just fine too. The execution and aftercare were completed correctly."
    Bas Optician: review
  • "The design was spot-on. Fun team to work with."
    Customer review by Nuytinck OpticsShopdesign for Nuytinck
  • "I have been working with WSB for a long time. They always listen to my wishes very carefully and always realise these innovatively." Recommendation? "Yes, I strongly recommend WSB!"
    Evaluation store design Optician City LensCity Lens - Rotterdam en Den Haag