Shopfitting optics Belgium


  • Location Wommelgem, Antwerpen (BE)
  • Size 600 m²
  • Branche Optician

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Design and realization optics Antwerp
Custom made furniture optics Belgium

Renovation of largest optician’s store in Belgium

Five years ago, Frits van den Bosch started his search for a better located building that would optimally serve his target group and with improved parking options. This brought him to the former town hall of Wommelgem. WSB was asked to help Optiek van den Bosch again to shape this large building, both interior and exterior.

The focus was on budgetary prudence given the size of the project. The building was completely stripped and WSB’s design team gave the outside a sleeker appearance while the solid concrete construction remained completely intact inside. An important factor was visibility from the street, which resulted in the installation of a large skylight that runs through the store from front to back. This ensures an enormous amount of daylight. The building has been made spacious and grand: a height of more than 6 meters has been created over two floors.

Optical store furnishings Belgium
Design reception area with bar in Belgium

Shopfitting optics Belgium

The reception room with bar is located on the ground floor. Where the grand piano used to be there is now a beautiful red Porsche. The store pays extra attention to brands and is suitable for organizing events for optical brands and entrepreneurs. Fantastic sales islands are also clearly positioned here. On the right side of the entrance are the high-end fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford and Dior.

The first floor provides space for refraction and hearing as well as offices for staff and waiting area for customers. The steel staircase has been retained and refurbished in a unique color, and also functions as a children’s glasses corner.

In a large building like this, the challenge is to maintain good acoustics without compromising the industrial look. This was solved by carpeting, a duster on the ceiling and acoustic wall panels.

The store has several eye-catchers: two enormous trees of almost 6 meters reach the ceiling. In addition, WSB has combined art and the name Antwerp in a great way with appropriate colors in a custom-made ceiling visual.

Good hospitality and customer journey are central to the development of this unique store concept. The largest optical store in Belgium attracts people from surrounding countries. A good start gives positive expectations for the future!

The projects in the Optician category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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