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Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician Focus Optiek, Oudenaerde (BE) - Optician
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  • Location Oudenaarde (BE)
  • Time 2022
  • Size 127 m²
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Optician

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Focus Optics, Oudenaerde (BE)

The coolest renovation of Oudenaerde and in the surroundings. The assignment from optician Paul de Rijcke to WSB was: please make a modern design for the shop interior with warm accents and retain some important items as the floor, stucco ceilings and part of the lighting. We will keep the workplace and refraction room, but we do want to adjust various things.

The routing in the store has been greatly improved. The action taken by the customer in the old store was to “stand still and call for help”. The adjustment has made the accessibility and attractiveness of the glasses much, much better. The customer can now move freely along the entire collection and go through the entire shopping route without obstacles.

WSB is not an obvious choice as a Flemish optician with renovation plans. The distance from Scherpenzeel to Oudenaarde makes it less cost efficient, but we still worked our plans out and we don’t regret our decision! We sought confirmation of what we had previously been told by honest Flemish fellow opticians who had already worked successfully with WSB. To be completely sure, we visited the showroom in the Netherlands. All initial contacts were handled by Nico, manager of WSB. A brilliant individual who knows how to combine Dutch sobriety, an eye for detail and business acumen in an attractive concept. The entire WSB team is filled with a dynamic that is particularly inspiring. Our business was ready 4 days earlier than expected and was delivered within budget. “Say it all”. No delay, no stress. Our business has been completely renovated in barely 6 weeks with amazing results. Inspiring, making clear agreements & fulfilling them, unburdening & moreover solving problems, results in satisfied customers. That’s what we do as opticians, working for our own account, right?


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The clean lines combined with materials such as wood, steel and marble give a contemporary modern look and feel. Combined with beautiful decorative elements (done by the stylists of WSB) the whole remains warm and atmospheric. The marble floor has been sanded again in a matt finish and emerged as new, chapeau for our natural stone people.

Optician and Audiology | Shopfitting provides the interior design and design of shop fittings for many opticians and hearing care professionals. The retail architects of WSB turn your offline optical store into a commercially successful shop concept. Each store has its own style and the owner has his wishes. WSB thinks along with the customer and the sales staff. The interior must appeal to the customer’s imagination, but also be efficient for the staff to work with.

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WSB makes the store brand strong by creating an experience. Shop design perspective: We know what really motivates people, what influences their buying behaviour. Our store designers are well acquainted with world cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin and so on.

Do you have renovation plans for your optician or audiology and are you looking for a commercial and unique design for your Optics? Call WSB for an inspiring brainstorming session.

The projects in the Optician category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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