It used to be a monastery..

WSB Interieurbouw Intermedica zorgkliniek dermatholoog

Now it is a clinic for dermathology. >>

WSB Interieurbouw zorgkliniek kliniek

Around 70% of the male population and 40% of the female population will at some stage in their lives experience hairloss and baldness, varying from thinning of scalp hair and bald patches to complete baldness. If the number and quality of hairs on your scalp is progressively declining and you are looking for ways to prevent further hairloss, we suggest a consultation with specialists and dermatologists at the Intermedica Hair Clinic. They have special expertise and experience in evidence-based methods of treating hair diseases and hairloss.

3D Ontwerp WSB Interieurbouw Kliniek Dermatoloog in oud klooster 02

Design and turn key realisation of the Intermedica Concept by WSB!!

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Review by Intermedica about WSB

“WSB came up with very unexpected designs. Very lovely, a great fit to the old style of our building, and highly effective. Agreements were promptly fulfilled.`


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  • LOCATION: Boxmeer
  • OPPERVLAK: Concept Monastery
  • DELIVERY: 2014

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