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Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) - Optician
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  • Location Heidelberg (DE)
  • Time 3 weeks
  • Size 175 m2
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Optician

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Modern lounge corner WSB Shopfitting

Relocation and shopfitting Volz Optiek

If you do have to move with your store, it’s better to do it right the first time. Volz Optik in Heidelberg, Germany, called in WSB Shopfitting for the renovation of the new building. Successfully! Fashionable and industrial shopfitting without being extravagant. Welcoming and professional. Take a look inside the new Volz Optik.

Volz Optik has five opticians in Germany. The store in Heidelberg was forced to move. Nico Schreuder of WSB says: “They used to be in the building across the street, but that will be demolished in a while. So the lease was canceled and they had to move. Fortunately, they then had the unique opportunity to rent the property across the street. Or actually two buildings, merged into one. They hired us to develop a new concept.” For WSB this was a fun and challenging project. “The old store had been the same for about 20 years. They had restyled a little bit, but never really a major renovation. They now went to a building of 175 m2 with a special shape. It used to be two buildings, where a travel agency and a pharmacy were located. They have been merged, giving the store a T-shape. We were able to make creative use of that.”

All freedom

Heidelberg is a well-known city with a rich history, but it is also a student city. That is why WSB was commissioned to design a beautiful store for a fashionable audience without being extravagant. The interior builder was given a free hand in this project. “They did have some ideas of what they liked, and which projects from our portfolio they liked. And they wanted their own DNA translated into the interior, but otherwise we were given complete freedom.”

Good ideas! Very good execution and personally very cooperative!

Despite the distance, excellent handling of the project. Professional very competent and helpful. My new store is very well received and the customers are happy with it. Tasteful and very welcoming. I can only highly recommend WSB and Nico Schreuder!

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Presentation glasses optician WSB Shopfitting
Industrial design optics Germany WSB Shopfitting


The new store opened on April 1. “We opted for a fashionable, industrial look. The refraction rooms are located in the back of the store. This store has a lot of windows. We made use of that with the presentations of the glasses. You look straight at the spectacle presentations from the street side. There is a bar where you can make a pre-selection of the glasses, a large waiting area and a sitting area with generous tables for sales talks. The workshop is in the basement, but there is a service desk in the store, so that the opticians can carry out work within sight of the customers. There is a large section for correction frames, and a separate section for the sunglasses presentations. And a nice eye-catcher: the pug on the wall near the children’s glasses.”

Word of mouth

Why did Volz Optik choose WSB? “This optician has been following us on the internet for a long time. He said ‘I choose you because you are successful’. That is of course nice to hear. We are increasingly gaining a foothold in Germany and are becoming more and more successful there. Of course you also have good interior builders there. But there the fashionable aspect is less exposed. If they then look at what we have done at Groenhof, B&M, Van der Leeuw et cetera, for example, they think that is very cool internationally. It’s distinctive. Our customers are satisfied and notice that their customers buy more after the renovation. A realization that exceeds expectations. And that sings around. What is happening now with word of mouth is unprecedented. We see that in Germany, but also in Belgium and France.”

The projects in the Optician category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

Volz Optik | Heidelberg (DE) | Industrial shopfitting

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