Reactions on new interior shoe shop in Mijdrecht

The relocation of Smit Schoenen in Mijdrecht was an excellent move. Jacqueline is very please with the new retail design. WSB Interior Construction was responsible for both the retail design and the realisation process. She sent a reaction by email, and in summary she said:
* I hear oh’s and ah’s from many customers all day long.
* “A real city shop in a tiny farmer’s village”!
* “I feel at home here immediately”
* “Wow, the space, the perspective”
* “I don’t know what to say, what a great shop!”
* “I get goosebumps. I never saw anything like it.”
* “That’s guts, creating THIS here in these days.”
* “Mama, I don’t want to go to that other shop.”
* “I am not from here at all, but I had to come see this.”
* “Amazing, finally a shoe shop in Mijdrecht” interior shoe shop
* “Leather bags that have been in stock for 2 years are suddenly flying out the door, people suddenly just SEE them… great”
WSB designs interior concepts for clients in fashion, shoe fashion, jewellery, opticians and sports. WSB is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. WSB works for both fashion brands and individual shops.

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Smit Shoes about WSB

“Recommendation: yes”

“The best one of my business lifetime!”


About WSB

  • LOCATION: Mijdrecht (NL)
  • OPPERVLAK: 105 m2
  • DELIVERY: 2012
  • DESIGN: WSB Retaildesign

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