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Shop design of the Reijersen van Buuren jewelery store in Vianen with wooden floors, walls and built-in showcases with built-in lighting.


  • Location Vianen (NL)
  • Time 1 week
  • Size 83 m2
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Jeweler

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Sales area with lighting and detailed wallpaper and built-in showcases with fabric back wall.
Personalized Bron Display Case for your jewelry store with lighting and glass doors.

Restyling of the store interior for Juwelier Reyersen van Buuren

The collaboration between Rick Blankenstijn of WSB and Ronald and Jacqueline van Reijersen van Buuren in Vianen was established in 2012 during the previous renovation of the jewelry store in the monumental building. Jeweler Reijersen van Buuren is a renowned jeweler and goldsmith. With brands such as Bron Sieraden, Ebel, Seiko, Maurice Lacroix, R&C Diamant, Monzario, the jewelers have a regional, regular customer base. Ronald Reijersen van Buuren called Rick Blankenstijn to discuss a restyling of his store interior. He wanted new inspiration and experience in his store towards 2030. It wasn’t really necessary because the old store was worn out.

Store interior with an eye for detail

Rick Blankenstijn from WSB: “Ronald and Jacqueline love beautiful, detailed atmospheres. This has not changed since 2011 and will certainly be reflected in the restyling of the store interior in 2023. The central area and the presentations of the jewelery in the showcases are now chic and airier again with natural materials such as Alphenberg leather, brass details, warm Alcove upholstery and indirect lighting effects. The light is also modern, economical and more atmospheric. The seating area at the back is characteristic of the luxurious store design: sparkling wallpaper, soft materials and subtle, but richly decorated furniture.


Perfect from first contact to delivery! Professionals with an eye for detail from design to realization. WSB has already worked for us several times, RECOMMENDED!

Ronald Reyersen van Buuren

Restyling of the store interior of Reijersen van Buuren in Vianen (NL) for a refreshing look of the jewelry store.
Restyling of complete store interior of jeweler Reijersen van Buuren with wooden floors and wooden walls and back wall and showcases built into the wall with lighting.

Restyling as a strategic move for the future

Ronald and Jacqueline are good entrepreneurs: WSB’s strategic advice for store design 2030 went further and they recognize themselves in that vision. As an entrepreneur you look to the future: Am I relevant, am I inspiring for my customers? Does my range match the store image? How do I ensure that the investment in store design has a good payback period? We linked such questions to the restyling of the shore interior for the jewelry store. The result: a beautiful new store design. Thanks to Ronald and Jacqueline. The realization and collaboration with local entrepreneurs was very pleasant in terms of details and implementation.

Renovation plans?

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