The presentation of frames reinforces brand experience, shop experience enhances ambiance.

These words are straight from the heart of our client, Hans van Leeuwen: “The presentation of frames reinforces brand experience, shop experience enhances ambiance.” Hans continues: “In the new shop, the correction frames and sunglass frames are far better highlighted due to the way the frames are presented. The people I am helping come for eye fashion and eye care in a pleasant ambiance with professionals.”

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Van Leeuwen Optician’s team in Sliedrecht: Design frames presentation and turn-key interior by WSB Shopfitting for Van Leeuwen Opticians – Sliedrecht

Van Leeuwen Opticians on WSB

“What Rick Blankenstijn of WSB did is that he perfectly understood how to translate our vision of Van Leeuwen 2020 to our shop. Customer attention is very important. Some customers want to lounge and select their frames in peace. Others want to know all technical ins and outs of the glass technology, and be informed through our table-based presentation system.”

Rick Blankenstijn of WSB about Van Leeuwen Opticians:

In the Dutch opticians sector, the Van Leeuwen Optiek shops in Bodegraven, ’s Gravenzande and Sliedrecht are going strong. They have personal attention for the frames range, the frames presentation, the glass technology, the customer’s styling. The collaboration with Van Leeuwen Opticians is very good. Retail is in their blood, and they have an eye for detail: ceiling height, seating comfort, discerning shop experience.
The shop was completely overhauled: The routing and the location of the refraction spaces was rigorously changed. The old shop front was not attractive. I convinced Van Leeuwen Opticians to invest in that too, as this will really pay off.
There is special attention for the coffee and tea culture in the shop, pleasantly extending the visit duration of customers. The applied materials are contemporary but warm, and we applied some colours. After all, that’s more visual.
We achieved a commercial result with lots of fun and positive energy, and we expect Van Leeuwen Opticians will feel that for many years.
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Design Review by Hans van Leeuwen about WSB
Van Leeuwen Optician

“Recommendation: yes”

“We were very positively surprised with the way WSB translated our vision and wishes in the shop design.

Collaboration was pleasant at all levels.

Weaknesses: none.”


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