New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL

New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop New shopconcept Burger Fashion – NL - Lingerie shop

Store concept Burger Mode:

The store concept for Burger Mode by design duo Rick Schreuder & Rick Blankenstijn in Reeuwijk is friendly, smart in terms of budget and commercially successful. Rick Schreuder: “Upon arrival in the old shop, it was immediately clear: This engaged entrepreneur family has the drive and enthusiasm to upgrade to a new fashion formula. The design of the store concept takes the target groups into consideration: All ages with a solid basis, 30+, at that time.” Rick Schreuder: “The design allows for the broad range: Women’s fashion, men’s fashion, lingerie department, various brands, yarn, nightwear. And a corner for small supplies such as wool and yarn. We highlighted the DNA of the store concept as a complete fashion shop with personal service and advice. “Do you have plans too? Call us and we will visit you without any obligation to inspire you: +31 2771714 of /

History Burger Mode

Burger Mode has a rich history The company was founded by Teun Burger in 1935. it has developed into a unique piece of Reeuwijk. The shop still continues as a family business. Teun started out on a cargo bike at the Lecksdijk, selling socks and wool door to door. In 1944, Burger bought the former pastor’s home at the Council house and converted it into a shop where people could be a range of things. Mainly for socks, wool, underwear etc. Business was good throughout the years. Teun Burger, a driven man, decided to expand the shop. In 1963, 300 m2 was added to the store. He was lucky in love too, when starting a relationship with Margaretha “Gre” van der Vis, who was a sales lady in his shop at the time. Later that year, she became the co-owner. They had a daughter together, Yvonne van der Vis. Willem Burger, Teun’s son, was working as an upholsterer. In 1979, he started a company with Gre and Teun. Willem Burger stopped in 1990, after 11 years. Two years later, Teun Burger died, and Gre van der Vis continued as a sole trader. In 2001, she started running the business with her daughter Yvonne. Yvonne unexpectedly lost her mother in 2008 and continued the business as a sole trader.

Service Burger Mode

We are committed to personality. Thanks to the extensive experience of the sales advisors, Burger Mode brings its customers in touch with today’s fashion. If you are looking for comfortable jeans, a nice bra or a fun shirt, Burger Mode is the place for you.
Enjoy a cup of coffee while Burger Mode advises you about the latest fashion trends and the best combinations. Let us inspire and advise you, or take your time looking around in the shop of our client Burger Mode. They will make sure that you will walk out like a star!
WSB is an internationally leading designer of store concepts in fashion, shoe fashion, jewellery and opticians. WSB is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. WSB works for both fashion brands and individual shops.



  • Location Reeuwijk
  • Time 2 wk
  • Size 259 m2
  • Delivery 2014
  • Design Design team WSB
  • Development WSB Interieurbouw
  • Branche Lingerie shop

More information?

"It clicked from word go. The personal, positive approach and genuine interest in the customer was so appealing in WSB. Throughout the entire process, the short lines were the key theme. This allowed for resolving problems and coming up with ideas and patches very quickly. The constant work quality is of a very high level and everyone with WSB seems to have the same passion and engagement. WSB sets high standards to itself and also to its sub-contractors and suppliers. WSB thinks in terms of options rather than shortcomings. Burger is immensely pleased about the entire process and delivery, and will be happy to recommend WSB to other companies."

Review by Dennis – Burger FashionBurger Fashion and More

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