Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store

Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store - Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store - Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store - Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store - Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store - Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store - Livera Asten (NL): Design Lingerie Store -

Shop interior for Livera retail chain

WSB transformed the Livera stores in Asten and Amsterdam into a concept 3.0 in short order. The Livera formula has been successful for more than 45 years and is known for strong brands, passionate sales teams, excellent service and a good sense of what women want. As ever, was good and successful.

With the launch of the new store concept, the body fashion formula has been given a fresh impulse. The Livera Asten interior has a warm, personal feel and the presentation is totally innovative. The shop space has been divided into three parts, each with its own atmosphere. These three parts match women’s different moods and wishes. The collection of well-known brands really comes into its own in this interior.

The old Livera concept had little in the way of contrast and more of a department store look. The new generation of interiors for the Livera lingerie stores feature strong contrasts, a more intimate experience with good merchandising and a great mix of materials. The Livera stores are strong in lingerie, underwear, nightwear and swimwear.

About Livera Asten

This is entrepreneur Hetty Teeuwissen’s second branch: “Five years ago, I was busy making my dream come true: opening a Livera in Bladel. At a time when retail was in trouble and more shops were closing their doors than were opening them, plenty of people asked me whether I knew what I was doing. And yes, I did! I was convinced of the fact that a lingerie store would be a welcome addition to Bladel, of my own ability and the fact that I had put together a fantastic team – all of which meant that our shop was a success, and still is. Now, five years on, what I am really looking forward to is building on my dream with store number two. It will again be an intense and busy time, but I am really up for it. I hope to find another brilliant team and make women in and around Asten a little bit happier.


WSB provides the stores and shop-in-shop interiors for Livera lingerie stores, Victoria’s Secret and Burger Fashion, among others.

Do you have plans to modify your store interior? Call WSB for a brainstorming session with no obligation. Our interior designers will be happy to help. Our industrial production process enables us to offer competitive prices.



  • Location Asten
  • Time 3 weeks
  • Size 140 m2
  • Delivery Turn-Key
  • Design Winkelconcept Livera 3.0
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Lingerie shop

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