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Design and realization Showroom for Gabor.

After a pitch, WSBDesign.Com was commissioned by Merhottein BV to design and furnish the showroom for Gabor in the shoe center C.A.S.T in Nieuwegein. Merhottein is an agent for Gabor, an experienced expert in the footwear industry since 1965.

About Gabor

Offering international top class in the field of shoes, that is Gabor’s standard formula. Quality and reliability are still of paramount importance, but do not detract from the attention paid to the design of the collection. The choice is wide, something for everyone: sporty, comfortable or fashionable shoes. In addition, Gabor has now expanded with an impressive collection of bags. Gabor has been a thriving family business for over 60 years now, which is currently led by the second generation of Gabor. The years of experience have led to something that has now been baptized ‘Gabor quality’. Gabor shoes must always meet the highest quality standards. Fit and processing quality must be no less than perfect. These are now traditional values for the family business. However, tradition is not everything. In recent years, the company has undergone a renewal process, which was characterized by the introduction of new techniques and product groups. All the good of the past, combined with the best of today. It makes Gabor the leading manufacturer it is today!

The showroomconcept for Gabor

The interior architects of have looked closely at the corporate identity of the Gabor brand when designing the showroom. Gabor is known worldwide, but originally German. Quality, fit, beautiful use of materials and beautiful design are intertwined in Gabor’s DNA. In addition, when expanding the showroom, we looked at the semi-transparent ideal way to develop a separate purchasing area for each customer. The focus is on the customer and the range. The new collection can be photographed immediately during the selection for offline and also online sales. A full-fledged space has also been created in the new and larger showroom for the men’s collection: Pius Gabor.


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  • Location Nieuwegein (NL)
  • Time 4 weeks
  • Size 220 m2
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Design WSBDesign.Com
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Shoes

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Retail design of unique shoe concept | Gabor Nieuwegein (NL)

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