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Van der Knaap Optics

Van der Knaap Optiek in Bleiswijk is well known in the surrounding area and stocks an extensive collection.   If customers are looking for colourful glasses, Polaroid sunglasses, good contact lenses or anything else related to the eyes, the chances are that van der Knaap Optiek can help. Retail Store Design Optician: With pleasure and craftsmanship!

Everyone has their own style

WSB’s retail architects will turn your offline opticians business into a commercially successful store concept. Every store has its own style and every owner has his/her own wishes. WSB provides input based on the perspectives of the customer and the sales staff. The interior must appeal to the customer’s imagination but also be an efficient place for staff to work. WSB enhances the store brand by creating experience. Opticians store interior: we know what really motivates people, what influences their buying habits. Are you open to an inspiring brainstorming session? Call WSB: + 31 33 2771714


  • Location Bleiswijk NL
  • Time 2 weeks
  • Size 70 m2
  • Delivery 2017
  • Design WSB Retail Design
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Optician

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van der Knaap Optics | Shop Design

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