Jeweler projects by WSB

1Jeweler Van Hell | Amersfoort (NL)

2Vanhoutteghem Time & Jewelry | Ghent (BE)

3Royal Coster Diamonds | Amsterdam (NL)

4Vanhoutteghem Boutique | Ghent (BE)

The first conversations with Rick from WSB were very pleasant. They thought along with the location, a bit of safety and in a few sentences he already understood what I had in mind and how I envisioned the store. This was set out in a design and shortly afterwards the…

Cindy JanmaatTrossèl Juwelier | Alphen aan den Rijn (NL)

5Juwelier Präg | Dornbirn (AT)

6Juwelier Haesen | Valkenburg

7Stievenart Bijouterie-Horlogerie | Cuesmes (BE)

8Jan Maes Watches & Jewellery | Wijnegem (BE)

"The cooperation with WSB is very pleasant. Every time the first design is very good right from the start and the team succeeds in delivering the projects at a high level ahead of time. The collaboration with Rick Blankenstijn takes us a step further in the strategic field."

Olivier LaurentBijouterie Laurent

9Zuyver Juweliers | Deventer (NL)

10Jeweler Maas | Steenwijk (NL)

11Jeweler Reijersen van Buuren | Vianen (NL)

12Sacramento Bijoux | Saint-Germaine-en-Laye (FR)

I am very, very satisfied. I will tell you: never in our history have we experienced a flawlessly run project like this. Everything was right from timing to price. Of course, together with WSB, we ran into some obstacles here and there, but these were solved quickly and skillfully. The…

Alain TensenTenSen Juweliers Antwerpen

13Zuyver Juweliers | Harderwijk (NL)

14Spiegelgracht Jewelers | Amsterdam (NL)

15Diamond Museum | Amsterdam (NL)

16Bijouterie Les 2 Barbeaux | Bar-de-Luc (FR)

The response to the shop is so positive! I hear from representatives left and right that we have one of the most beautiful shops in Belgium... That really makes us proud! Thank you for the fantastic design!


17TenSen Juwelers | Antwerpen (BE)

18Juwelier van Arensbergen | Boxmeer (NL)

19Trossèl Juwelier | Alphen aan den Rijn (NL)

20Jeweler Laurent | Mons (BE)

"Recommendation: yes" "I experienced this collaboration as highly professional!"

Frits van den Bosch Optician: review

21Jeweler Dirk Verlinden | Brecht (BE) 

22Koelink Juweliers | Enschede (NL)

23Jeweler Catwalk | Grevenmacher (LU)

24Van Wonderen Watches | Purmerend (NL)

"Recommandation: oui " "Plans were prepared very thoroughly, with innovative ideas and detailed preparation. Perfect execution by a highly motivated team. Correct execution in both technical and administrative terms. Highly recommended!"

Jewellery Vrancken: reviewVrancken Jewellery (Genk - BE)

25Tijd! Watches & Jewelry | Venlo (NL)

26Goldschmiede Menze | Königsallee Düsseldorf (DE)

27Jan Maes | Mechelen (BE)

28Gold Store | Rotterdam (NL)

"Recommendation: yes" "Pleasant collaboration with a wonderful final result. We still frequently hear customers say: “Your shop is just beautiful!”."

Van Hell Jewellery: reviewVan Hell Jewelleries

29Duvolee Jewelers | Driebergen (NL)

30Seiko Brandstore | Amsterdam (NL)

31Gabriel – Feine Uhren & Juwelen | Cologne (DE)

32Juwelier Eupen | Keulen (DE)

"Very pleasant doing business with WSB. From the first introduction to the final result, it was completed to perfection. Friendly employees who know what they are talking about."

Review by RobertRobert den Haag

33Lucardi Jewelers | Sint-Niklaas (BE)

34Rikkoert Juweliers | Schoonhoven (NL)

35Luyten Jeweler | Turnhout (BE)

36Engel Juwelier | Trier (DE)

"Thanks to the personal advice from Rick Blankenstijn of WSB, we were able to realise an extension of our shops. From the design through the realisation, their assistance was very pleasant with a high level of expertise. Good mix of expert advice and personal contribution to the design of the…

Review by KobusKaptijn Jewellery

37Mauer | Bochum

38Dotter Jewellers | Ettlingen (DE)

39Broekhuis Juwellers | Steenbergen (NL)

40Renovation Juweler Steltman | The Hague

Frank: "It was so much fun to work with WSB. Pity we could not have the shop renovated by WSB every month. From the first phone call on, everything went so smoothly. Agreements were fulfilled, no delays, no rescheduling. The finishing was really dotting the i’s, without any extra cost.…

Review design jewellery HellinxHellinx Jewellery Design

41HA Juweliers | Haren (GR)

42Rikkoert Trouwringen Interior | Schoonhoven

43Langerak Juweliers | Haarlem (NL)

44Cadran Montres, Mont Saint Martin (FR)

45Bigor Differdange | Jewerler Shop Design

46 Boexstaens Jewellers, Heist op den Berg | store concept

47Bigor Bettembourg | Interior Jerwerly Store

48Niesz Goldsmith and Jeweller – Oostmalle (BE)

49Meijst Juwelier | Utrecht (NL)

50Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store

51Jeweler Betzler | Altena (DE)

52Bijouterie Laurent: Retail design of jewelry shop

53Van Arensbergen Jewellers

54Evy d’Or in Ingelmunster (BE) – Retail design Jeweler shop

55Bigor Kirchberg | Interior Design Jewellery Store

56Shopconcept Siebel Jewelry – Amsterdam

57Bijouterie Laurent, Charleroi

58Schreven jeweler and optician: Interior design

59van Hell Juweliers, Apeldoorn (NL): Luxury Store design jeweler with famous brands

60Jacob Juwelen stylish ambiance

61Retail design jewellery van Willegen, Rotterdam

62Interior design jewellery Frank Hellinx – Bilzen (BE)

63Retail design Jewellery Vercammen

64Design Interior Jeweler Declerq (BE)

65Design and realisation Jewellery Reiser – Schwetzingen (DE)

66Joqo by WSB Ladenbau (DE)

67Juwelier Mostert, Dordrecht

68Interior design Top Jewellery Veerman in Huizen

69Interior design Jewelry Mekes, Etten-Leur

70Design jewellery shop Vrancken

71Concept Bijouterie – Cadran Montres Luxembourg (LU)

72Shop fitting secure jewelry store Robert den Haag by WSB

73Juwelier Nobel, Woerden

74Design Luxury shop | Windeshausen (LU)

75Schaap&Citroen, Amsterdam

76Pieter Jacobs, Den Bosch

77Celebration Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

78Caraat Juweliers, Nieuwegein

79Juwelier van Leeuwen, Dordrecht (NL)

80Abstrakt Juwelier, Amsterdam

81Reijersen van Buuren, Vianen

82Spruytenburg Juweliers, Waddinxveen

83Retail Design Jewellery Concept 123Gold

84Juwelier van Stegeren, Best

85Juwelier van Bellingen – Halle (BE)

86Interior Jeweler Veringa, Gorinchem

87Blinq Juwelier, Pijnacker

88van Hell Juweliers, Amersfoort

89Interior juwelier Heleven, Hasselt (BE)

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