Trends in store interiors

Cadran Montres is a Luxembourg trend shop with contemporary application of special wall fabrics, LED lighting, 3D ceilings, large show cases that focus on brand experience for a younger audience. Jean is most satisfied with the new store, which was designed by WSB Interior Construction.

Moving shops to a good location

A commercial approach pays off when renovating. The story of Cadran Montres in Luxembourg, built by WSB Interior Construction, proves that. The shop of Pierre Purbassi is established in a large shopping centre of the Auchan hypermarket concern in Luxembourg with lots of office space above the shopping center and a large parking garage under the city centre. An ideal combination.
Such a development, but then with homes rather than offices, has also popped up in Waddinxveen’s new shopping centre, where the store of Jeweller Robert den Haag was recently opened in partnership with WSB Interior Construction.
Nico Schreuder of WSB: What is the basis of the increased sales? The old Cadran shop had a dusty shop window display with a narrow entrance. The old shop did not have any contemporary aspirations.
The new shop has a broad entrance. You are in before you realise it and you are drawn along the glass showcases.

Routing of the shop

The routing is the key factor, based on a long central showcase. A seating area was created in the back, but the sales process is mostly completed standing up.
The brands come across in a much more powerful way due to the open showcase lay-out in the retail design chosen by WSB Interior Construction. The brand Cadran Montres was also enhanced as a shop for trendy and luxury fashion brands. The choice of high-end spray-paining work, stainless steel parts and beehive-like skins reinforce this image
Pierre Purbassi thought the collaboration with WSB was very pleasant and his sales increased very quickly. True entrepreneurs in jewellery certainly invest in experience these days. This redistributes the sales, opening the wallets of potential customers that like to be pleasantly surprised.

Location strategy

Please feel free to contact WSB Interior Construction for an inspiring discussion. We also currently see a number of very interesting developments relating to location strategy.

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About WSB

  • LOCATION: Luxembourg
  • OPPERVLAK: 75 m2
  • DELIVERY: 2014
  • DESIGN: WSB Concept de Magasin
  • REALISATION: WSB Agencement

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