Boexstaens Jewellers, Heist op den Berg | store concept

New store concept for Boexstaens Jewellers in Heist op den Berg

Johny Boexstaens had good reasons to thoroughly renovate his shop. The shop is located on the busiest point of the centre, on a corner, in full view. The family has several shops, an opticians shop and Belgian chocolate shops. Johny wanted a new, tasteful but commercial store concept. The collaboration was perfect. WSB performed the renovation from A to Z. Design, permit applications from the municipal authorities, budget control, managing third-party work and the realisation of the shop interior and last but not least: security!

The instructions of of the Boexstaens family to Rick Blankenstijn of WSB Interior Construction were as follows:

  • Shop-in-Shop of Twice as Nice (a hip internet store between jewellery and fashion)
  • Active shop with an experience for displaying watches, jewellery and accessories.
  • A design appropriate for positioning in the mid to low pricing segment

Boexstaens is a highly versatile shop, selling jewellery, spectacles and pralines!

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  • Location Heist op den Berg
  • Time 3 weeks
  • Size 60 m2
  • Delivery Van A tot Z
  • Design WSB Retail Design
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Jeweler

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