Stievenart Bijouterie, Cuesmes | Retail Design Jeweler

Stievenart Bijouterie-Horlogerie | Cuesmes (BE) -
Stievenart Bijouterie-Horlogerie | Cuesmes (BE) -
Stievenart Bijouterie-Horlogerie | Cuesmes (BE) -
View of the store of jeweler Stievenart Belgium with central sales counter and wall with custom-made display cases


  • Location Cuesmes (BE)
  • Time 4 weeks
  • Size 215 m²
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Jeweler

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Modern & chic store design for jeweler Stievenart in Belgium
Space for selling used cars from high-quality brands

A concept that matches Stievenart’s ambitions

Stievenart Bijouterie-Horlogerie is located in Cuesmes, a village close to the city of Mons in Belgium. The company has guaranteed service, quality and good taste for three generations. Since its founding in 1961, Maison Stievenart has been known for customer friendliness and good advice. Stievenart owns a watch and jewelry workshop where a dedicated team works on quality watches, diamonds, and various types of jewelry.

Early last year, Vicky called WSB to discuss her plans for the future. Due to the purchase of an old building, which needed a lot of work, but with many possibilities. Various attempts to create a beautiful street scene with architectural architects had not yet brought the ‘Wow feeling’. A budget followed the first conversation. After a thorough analysis, a vision emerged that perfectly matched the ambitions of Maison Stievenart.

Jeweler's counter and sales seat with warm colors
Shop design with wooden custom interiors

Refreshing, chic retail design with an eye for detail

WSB’s interior design is refreshingly chic, not over-the-top and with an eye for detail. The new store offers extensive possibilities for the future and underlines the regional function of the Maison Stievenart. The professional character of the team has been highlighted and a special man cave has been created for beautiful used cars from high-quality brands. The distribution of the sales seats between the beautiful columns gives the store a nice, quiet atmosphere for a good conversation. The Stievenart family’s visit to WSB also provided the desired inspiration in terms of design and appearance.

The recent collaboration between Stievenart and Rick Blankenstijn from WSB resulted in a beautiful store where a well-thought-out design and smart routing gives the customer the perfect experience when purchasing a suitable piece of jewelry. Renovation plans? Plan a non-binding brainstorming session with our interior architects. WSB often works for clients in French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and German-speaking areas. For more store designs from jewelers, visit our website.

The projects in the Jeweler category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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