Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store

Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store - Jeweler Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store - Jeweler Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store - Jeweler Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store - Jeweler Breuning Stuttgart, Design concept store - Jeweler

Opening Breuning wedding rings lounge in Stuttgart

In the Stuttgart Milaneo Shopping centre, wedding ring specialist Breuning opened a wedding ring lounge. This is a relaxed environment to select wish and wedding rings. WSB designed and realised the shop concept. In the Breuning wedding lounge, it is quite an experience to be surprised with a spectacular collection at the bar or while seated at the advice tables. The pleasant ambiance is thanks to WSB Interior Construction’s retail designers. “Our contact with Breuning actually started on a parking lot in Germany… amazing but true!”, says Nico Schreuder, WSB’s Creative Director. “We had good chemistry from the first moment, and it gave rise to a great collaboration. We quickly and efficiently realised the new shop in the Milaneo shopping center, in close consultation with both Breuning and the relevant wedding lounge manager.”

A shop designed to attract young clients

The challenge was to design a shop to attract young clients with a reliable image, offering space for an intensive and discrete advisory sales talk, evoking the right emotions for the engaged couples. Breuning is one of the leading wedding ring specialists in Europe, with extensive know-how and a good price/quality ratio.

The company from Pforzheim and the manager running the store concept are unique, and WSB wanted the new store concept to reflect that. Nico Schreuder continues: “For WSB, every creative assignment starts with the following questions to the jeweller: Who are you and what do you want to achieve? What is your DNA? How do you want to discern yourself from other colleagues?”

From the answers, the WSB team develops the ideas designed to lead the client to higher commercial success. This is just what was achieved in practice for Breuning! After the Stuttgart shop, the Karlsruhe shop is now scheduled for redesign with WSB.

Breuning - Stuttgart (DE)
Breuning – Stuttgart (DE)
Breuning - Stuttgart : WSB Ladenbau
Breuning – Stuttgart : WSB Shopfitting

WSB Interior Construction is a specialist. For the brands and the entrepreneur (jewellers, gold smiths and wedding ring specialists), we provide the interior design and look and feel of the store interior >> WSB’s retail architects turn your idea into a commercially successful store concept. making the shop brand more powerful by creating experience. Store interior jeweller: We understand what truly motivates people, what affects their buying behaviour. Our designers are familiar with world capitals such as New York, Paris and Berlin. Do you have renovation plans and are you looking for a commercial and unique design for your optician shop? Then call WSB on +31 33 2771714 for an inspiring brainstorm session


  • Location Stuttgart
  • Time 1 week
  • Size 80 m2
  • Delivery 2016
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Jeweler

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