Alain Tensen

I am very, very satisfied. I will tell you: never in our history have we experienced a flawlessly run project like this. Everything was right from timing to price. Of course, together with WSB, we ran into some obstacles here and there, but these were solved quickly and skillfully. The result also makes us very proud. We notice that there is talk about it in the industry. So not only are our customers very complimentary about the new store, our suppliers are also unanimously positive. For example, we recently had the big boss of Breitling visit us, because he had heard such good stories about our store and wanted to see it with his own eyes. We intend to further expand our brand portfolio with a number of very prominent watch brands, but we are confident, because with our new look and beautiful store we will certainly succeed. Certainly in the high segment, more and more demands are made on the environment in which brands are presented and you as a point of sale have to meet these, but that is no longer an issue. We owe that partly to WSB. We are ready for a bright future.