WSB has supplied a beautiful store for jeweler Gabriel in Cologne. Gabriel – Feine Uhren & Juwelen specializes in the sale of used luxury watch brands and writing materials. He also sells gold and jewelery. Because Gabriel wanted to be completely unburdened, we delivered the turnkey.

What is the philosophy of the new store?

It looked frigid before the store was renovated. The interior was already old and it looked too static. After a real metamorphosis, the store now has a living room feeling. The warm atmosphere gives you the opportunity to walk around. The renewed exterior facade and illuminated advertising on the facade also ensure an inviting, good appearance.

How was the collaboration?

Cooperation was very good from both the WSB side and Gabriel side. The whole family was involved in the presentation of the design. This close involvement has remained from the start of the renovation to the opening.

What does WSB do?

“We think with our potential clients about the retail strategy and contribute our marketing and design capabilities. We are also good at budget control, technical co-ordinations and installations and a high-quality smart store design. From A to Z. That makes our company and our work very cool. Knowing more? Call WSB for an inspiring brainstorming session: + 31 33 2771714 or for more information about creative turnkey retail construction managers for retailers and jewelers, visit “

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Shop interior Gabriel, Cologne

About WSB

  • LOCATION: Cologne, Germany
  • OPPERVLAK: 80 m2
  • DELIVERY: Turnkey
  • DESIGN: WSB Retail design
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

More info?
mail or callcall Rick Blankenstijn: +31 33 277 17 14