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Langerak Juweliers | Haarlem (NL) - Langerak Juweliers | Haarlem (NL) - Langerak Juweliers | Haarlem (NL) - Langerak Juweliers | Haarlem (NL) -

What makes Langerak Juweliers successful and what does their partnership with WSB look like?

“Anyone who has ever visited Langerak Juweliers knows that the whole team exudes a passion for helping customers and that there is a huge choice. That is the reputation Langerak Juweliers enjoy in Haarlem and the surrounding area. WSB has now completed 2 refurbishments: firstly on the store interior, with a display case presentation to the left and one long counter with presentations to the right. After that, the store’s window display was updated. The establishment oozes quality and ambience, combined with a businesslike culture and a strong focus on service. WSB developed the presentation philosophy, the design and the materialisation and we took care of budget control and the complete store interior.”

Why carry out a conversion on this store?

“Anton Schellevis of Langerak Juweliers had an extra piece of retail space at his disposal at the rear. The existing store was very busy and there was hardly any room for more extensive seating areas. In the new expansion plan, we have created a separate space to view and enjoy unforgettable pieces in peace and quiet – wedding rings, gold necklaces, ornate rings. There is now much more space for quiet sitting, in a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful materials. Anton is happy with the result, and that’s why we do what we do. Team Langerak, well done!!”

What does WSB do?

“We think about the retail strategy with our potential clients, bringing our marketing and design expertise to the table. We are also good at budget control and creating technical structures and installations and smart store layouts. From A to Z. That makes us a top supplier and a great company to work for. Interested in finding out more? Call WSB for an inspiring brainstorming session: + 31 33 2771714 or, for more information about creative turnkey retail construction managers for retailers such as jewellers, see”


  • Location Haarlem (NL)
  • Time 1 week
  • Size 70 m2
  • Delivery 2019
  • Design WSB Retail design
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Jeweler

More information?

The projects in the Jeweler category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

Showroom - interior design for Langerak Juweliers

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