Briefing>> Again a new store location for the Schmit Shoe family. International allure is a must. 2 Floors with complete shopping experience.  Therefore we first visit London and Paris for inspiration. Architecture should contribute to the shopping experience.
Comments >> Shopping village Veenendaal has got a new shoe pearl. The new Shuz store contains a solid nod to the shop of Hermes on Rue de Sevres in Paris. Natural elements in organic lines give the shop a wonderful atmosphere. The goods are optimally presented in a stunning ambiance. The curved staircase with marble and glass – positioned on a bed of mosaic in a very generous vide – connects the Ladies Department with the men’s floor.

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WSB creates and realizes Successful Retail Design.

Every creative challenge starts with a strategic concept dialogue to define the Retail Marketing Strategy: Who are you, what do you want to accomplish? What is the DNA of customer-product environment? The DNA of the store is visualized in 3D in the design phase and is given shape in the turn key realization phase. Unique, commercially successful and distinctive. that’s our signature! We know what really motivates people, what influences their buying habits. Our designers visit world cities like New York, Paris, Berlin to detect the last trends.


  • Location Veenendaal
  • Time 6 weken
  • Size 250 m2
  • Delivery 2011
  • Design WSB Retail design
  • Development WSB Interieurbouw
  • Branche Retail formulas

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