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Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion Mantje Den Burg | Texel (NL) - Fashion
Unique interior concept Mantje WSB Shopfitting


  • Location Texel (NL)
  • Time 2022
  • Size 268 m2
  • Delivery 2022
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Fashion

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Luxurious interior for a clothing store by WSB Agencement
Moss wall interior deocration WSB Shopfitting

Design and furnishing of fashion store Mantje, Lifestyle Store on Texel (NL)

WSB’s interior designers and furniture makers have been able to design and deliver a second store for clothing store Mantje on beautiful Texel. A fun challenge to create a unique interior concept again. In addition to furnishing Mantje Den Burg with a 268 m2 shopping experience, WSB also realized the other Mantje de Koog location on Texel.

Fashion store design and furnishing by WSB Shopfitting

WSB makes a lot of high-end clothing stores with the right experience. We work for Anna van Toor, Eddy’s Eindhoven and Daka Sport, among others. Customers who come here are looking for personalization in fashion, luxury and exclusivity. This feeling should not only be given by the branded clothing present, but by the entire store. Yet the shops in this segment all look unique. Logical too, each store has a different target group and catchment area. These are factors that are taken into account in the interior design and furnishing.

Mantje has been a household name on Texel and far beyond for years. During a stay on Texel, the largest Wadden island in the Netherlands, a visit to the Mantje shops in Den Burg and De Koog should not be missed!

Shopfitting fashion and exclusivity by WSB Shopfitting
Fashion label shop interior WSB Shopfitting

The approach of furnishing a fashion store

WSB Interieurbouw provides Retail design and turn key shop fitting for clothing stores, fashion labels, clothing stores and children’s clothing stores. A lot precedes building a clothing store. WSB’s project managers will work with you to find a concept that matches your customer group and strategy. Each company has a different customer group, idea and image, which means that WSB’s starting point varies. This personal approach ensures a great deal of diversity in design for projects that have already been completed.

The unique interior for your fashion store by WSB Shopfitting

The WSB designers translate feelings and emotions into a unique design for your fashion store. Your clothing store becomes a commercial success in this way. By regularly having our designers travel to different world cities, they are aware of the latest trends and developments within the shop interior industry.

The projects in the Fashion category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

Interior concept for Mantje, Texel (NL)

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