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interior concept mantje lifestyle store texel de koog


  • Location De Koog, Texel (NL)
  • Time 2018
  • Size 640 m2
  • Delivery Turn key
  • Design
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Fashion

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shop fitting lifestyle store and fashion with shoe shelf
sales counter with steel structure in fashion store

From fashion store design to lifestyle concept: Mantje Texel

The Mantje Lifestyle Store in De Koog on Texel offers 640 m2 of shopping experience. The fashion shop already starts on the street. The range is much larger than just clothes and shoes. It is a pleasure to enter Mantjes. A celebration for the retail designers to create a beautiful interior concept for Mantje.

Shop fittings on several floors

The fashion house has a total of three floors, for which the designers from WSB created an interior concept. The basement is a real “men’s cave”, here we offer men’s fashion, men’s shoes and jeans. The ground floor is the domain of the ladies with fashion, shoes and outdoor items. On the first floor, men can buy outdoor items, and children are welcome to buy shoes and clothes. On the second floor we offer household products and “specialties” for women, including beautiful home accessories. These household products are new in the Mantje collection!

shopfitting lifestylestore basket with ceiling detail
interior concept for lifestyle store on texel

Showpiece Ida Mary integrated into the shop fittings

It is the showpiece in the new shop in De Koog: the lifeboat Ida Mary. With its location in the video, the ship is literally the figurehead of the Mantje Lifestyle Stores in the seaside resort. The Ida Mary is a gift from Mrs. Huet of the Huet and Pierson company. The ship was a memorial to her granddaughter Ida Mary, who died young. The Ida Mary was a lifeboat on Texel from 1964 to 1986. The well-known Texel beachcomber Maarten Boon brought the boat back to Texel in 2011 when it was out of service for some time. He planned to renovate the ship and go out to sea with tourists. The illness threw a spanner in the works and the boat was up for sale.

In order to keep the boat for the island, several people from Texel, including Sandor Mantje, have come up with a campaign: the Ida Mary Foundation. The plan was to make the boat the centerpiece of a maritime exhibition, but that was questioned. “Because I’m emotionally crazy about this boat, we decided to place the boat in the new store,” says Sandor. Corry Boon, the widow of the late Maarten Boon, thinks it’s wonderful that the Ida Mary has been preserved for Texel in this way. “It was Maarten’s last wish and it has now come true.”

Interior concept for your fashion store

Do you want to take your fashion concept to the next level of lifestyle concept? WSB Interieurbouw offers retail design and turnkey shopfitting for clothing stores, fashion labels, clothing stores and children’s clothing stores. There is a lot going on before building a clothing store. The project managers at WSB work with you to develop an interior concept that suits your customer group and strategy. Every company has a different customer group, idea and image, which means that WSB’s starting point is different. This personal approach ensures a lot of variety in the shop fitting of projects that have already been completed. Would you like to know more? Call +31 33 277 17 14.

The projects in the Fashion category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

Interior concept for Lifestyle Store Mantje De Koog | Texel (NL)

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