Shop-in-shop interior shoe shop

The WSB retail designers designed a shop-in-shop speciality shoe shop for Dungelmann Shoes and Berden Mode in Berden Mode’s Uden store. A situation that makes all parties happy: more traffic, higher shoe sales, mutual reinforcement of the brand experience.

Natural, romantic and industrial accents in design

The concept mostly has a light character with a few dark accents. In terms of materials, the ladies’ shoes department is deliberately slightly lighter than the gents’ department. The shop-in-shop concept has a pleasant combination of natural, romantic and industrial accents.

Do you plan to renovate or update your store concept? Do you want to develop and roll out a profitable shop-in-shop formula? WSB is leading, both in the Netherlands and abroad, in design and realisation of commercial shop-in-shop concepts. Alternatively, have a look at our shoe shop interior projects.


WSB Interior Construction provided a distinguishing interior, design and lay-out of the shop interiors for many shoe shops and fashion shops >> The WSB retail designers will turn your offline shoe shop into a commercial success >> WSB translates feelings, emotions. WSB makes the shop brand more powerful by creating an experience. We understand what really motivates people and what influences their buying behaviour. Our shop designers are familiar with world class cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin etc. WSB is leading, both in the Netherlands and abroad, in design and interior construction of shoe shops, shoe retail chains, showrooms of major shoe brands (for example Piedro and Gabor, and shoe displays.)

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Shop-in-shop interior shoe shop

About WSB

  • LOCATION: Uden (NL)
  • OPPERVLAK: 250 m2
  • DELIVERY: Turn-Key
  • DESIGN: WSB Retaildesigners
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

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