Showrooms projects by WSB

1Poirier in Wedding World | Oberhausen (DE)

2Amsterdam Experience | Amsterdam (NL)

3Wedding World bruidswinkel | Oberhausen (DE)

4Gabor | Nieuwegein

Professional, beautiful and on schedule in hectic times!

Johan van HuigenbosSunCircle | Nieuwegein (NL)

5Nilson Beds | Amersfoort (NL)

6Our showroom for Emyko

7Van Wonderen Watches | Purmerend (NL)

8Akkerman Kruiskade | Rotterdam (NL)

Experience: "I have a very good experience with WSB, very helpful, nothing is too crazy, everything is neatly arranged. We have had a pleasant cooperation for 10 years." Do you recommend WSB? "Yes, I recommend WSB". My rating is: Retail design design showroom: 9, Guidance: 10, Execution: 10" Explanation: WSB…

Jos SnelAudi Pon Dealer, Amersfoort (NL)

9Groenhof Optiek | Amstelveen (NL)

10Karsten Woninginrichting | Den Helder

11Diruy | Cucq (FR)

12Hijman Schoonmaakartikelen | Amsterdam (NL)

"Recommendation: yes" "Top experience in terms of both speed and execution. Certainly fully committed to dotting the i’s! We will also have our second shop renovated by WSB. That should say enough!"

Review Gobert Optics – Knokke (BE)Gobert Optics - Knokke (BE)

13Audi Showroom | Pon Dealer Amersfoort (NL)

14WSB Office Furnishings | Scherpenzeel (NL)

15905 m2 Van Ravenhorst | Stoutenburg (NL)

16Interior Coolblue Electronics Rotterdam

17Easy Living | Amsterdam (NL)

18New inspiration world for our own office building

19B&M Optiek | Oostende (BE)

20Facility Trade Group | Apeldoorn

21Eddy’s Eindhoven | The Fashionstore

22Goedhart Motorbikes: interior design by WSB

23Daka Sport, Rotterdam | Large-scale renovation

24Showroom design de Korte by WSBDESIGN.COM

25Retail design jewellery van Willegen, Rotterdam

26Snoeren Shoes and Foot specialist | Teteringen (NL)

27Celebration Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

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