Experience in the show room and office of Facility Trade Group

The WSB interior architects received the request for designing an experience centre for Facility Trade Group. Stimulating the senses was the key theme. To SEE, FEEL, TASTE, HEAR and SMELL the process and result. This is why you can test and compare in the pleasant ambiance of the experience centre with a snack and a drink. Hospitality, Knowledge and Innovation are the core themes in the design.

About Facility Trade Group

Blue Wave, ASP, Dirksen and TCW Groep are part of Facility Trade Group: a group of independent, specialist one-stop-shop supppliers of cleaning systems, hygiene concepts and hotel supplies. Knowledge adds extra value to the facilities process. Facility Trade Group is an innovation leader as the only player in the market with concepts based on variable occupation rates and a Centre of Expertise. Independence from a supplier or brand and specialist knowledge ensures the clients make the best choice.

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WSB works with domestic and international principals, mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands. Also, we are frequently active in Germany, Luxembourg and in France. Based on the structure of our business, we can create a great design and  complete the realisation of projects large and small. Do you plan to renovate? Then call WSB on +31 33 2771714, or contact us by email at info@wsbinterieurbouw.nl.


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About WSB

  • LOCATION: Apeldoorn
  • DESIGN: WSB Interieurbouw
  • REALISATION: WSB IShopfitting

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