Why remodel: “Ready for a new step and a new experience”

The new store for Tijd! Watches & Jewelry has been reopened. Nicki Kappel: “The old store by the German firm Otto Ebensberger actually still looked pretty good, but we had the feeling that we were ready for a new step and a new experience. A step towards 2030. We are doing well and we are very committed to our customers, but facing the prospect of a challenging future the step towards more experience seemed to us both exciting and smart business-wise.”

The store interior concept for Tijd! Watches & Jewelry

Rick Blankenstijn of WSB: “Right from the start, the first conversation we had with Minke and Nicki was brilliant. Nicki and Minke had had a good look around and they didn’t want a standard jewellery store. They were, to put it politely, unimpressed with old-fashioned brand cabinets. They really liked the hip Kool Optiek store in Rotterdam, where everything is different. In the concept, we agreed that we wanted to create a fusion between old building materials and state-of-the-art materials. The shop was not to be characterised by ‘over the top’ luxury, but rather to be suitable for a wide audience. In the old store, there was a strong emphasis on watches. In the new concept, we have shifted this towards a presentation of jewellery and gold.

What makes the store good?

“The window displays tell a good story, but they are not the whole story. You have to come inside to experience that. I feel the combination of the antique workshop doors, the stone wall, the tiles and textured walls and the warm showcase presentation strike a conceptual balance. When you walk in, you think: Wow! And what a collection! However, the whole concept revolves around 1 thing: the wonderful way in which Minke and Nicki approach their customers. That’s special too!


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New store for Tijd! Jewelry & Watches

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