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eachim and Brunello Cucinelli. These are high-end fashion stores. Their customers are looking for luxury and exclusivity. This feeling must emanate from the brand range, but also from the shop itWSB creates a s for Anna van Toor. WSB creates high-end fashion stores for Kings-square, Bself. High-end materials such as marble and black lacquered veneer are a perfect choice. Still, the shops in this segment all have a unique look. That makes sense, because each shop has a different target group and service area. These elements are factored into the interior design.

Ladies fashion store concept

Ladies fashion shops require transparency with a warm look and feel. Playing with light colours and good lighting turns a fashion shop into a feel-good place. For all fashion shops, it is essential to think through the routing in a store. This can be the organic route (the customer does not have the feeling of being shepherded) or the mechanical route (the customer is led a certain way). WSB has created interiors for many ladies fashion shops. This includes: Anna van Toor, Cora Kemperman, Victoria`s Secret and local players such as: De Groene Lantaarn, Speksnijder and Chez Laura.

Clothing shop interior

The WSB designers translate feeling and emotions into a unique fashion shop interior design. This will make your clothing shop a commercial success this way. Our designers travel frequently to various leading cities throughout the world, they are aware of the latest trends and developments in the shop interiors sector.

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Shop Interior Anna van Toor | Zeist

About WSB

  • LOCATION: Zeist (NL)
  • SHOPAREA: 400 m2
  • DELIVERY: 2018
  • DESIGN: Anna van Toor
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

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