Custom furniture for an office in Luxembourg, JFPE

Custom furniture for an office in Luxembourg, 400m2 JFPE

In collaboration with Jongma Designers, WSB Interiors realised this wonderful office.

The entire office was completely renovated and a new lay-out was implemented, based on shell delivery as the starting point. The building was enhanced with a new lighting plan. WSB realised the full systems, installations and custom interior for this office complex.

Working in Luxembourg

The design of public spaces, shops, office buildings and private homes in Luxembourg could be compared with trekking through hazardous swamps in terms of regulations. WSB is intensely familiar with the regulations in Luxembourg. Not every turn-key designer is able to realise projects in Luxembourg because the necessary permits are a challenge.

About office interiors by WSB

WSB is an all-round designer of offices with an experience. Our interior architects create and detail projects at the instructions of clients and reputable architects. Our project leaders and work planners assist in, budget and prepare the technical realisation of the office interiors in full detail. The realisation is all under WSB’s direct management. At the client’s request, WSB can realise all technical systems, finishing floors, walls and ceilings, and creating custom furniture. Visit WSB to see how this works.

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