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WSB Sustainable



Solar panels building WSB Interieurbouw

Greening & sustainability

WSB invested in 8,000 m² of greening and sustainability on the roof in 2021 and 2022. Less heat transmission and own energy generation through high-end insulation and solar panels on our building. Prior to the investment, we thought we were taking a good step in the field of corporate social responsibility. However, from the start in 2022, it also turned out to be an excellent investment in cost reduction. We are completely neutral when it comes to electricity. We have achieved a significant reduction in the field of gas by thoroughly insulating our building.



Charging stations WSB Sustainable

Electric charging stations

This has led us as WSB employees to also tackle the outer walls of the production facility. The entire building is now also equipped with pleasant and efficient LED lighting.

In addition, in September 2022 we equipped our parking spaces with 16 electric charging stations so that customers and colleagues can make optimal use of our solar energy. The fleet is being transformed at an increased pace to hybrid and fully electric cars.

A new innovation will be introduced in 2023: the new cutting saw for sheet material that is so intelligent and efficient that residual wood waste is reduced to a minimum. This way we make optimal use of our raw materials!

Good for nature and for the wallet ;)


Passion, care and craftsmanship

WSB creates and realizes successful interior design for retail, offices and luxury villas. With the design of your shop furnishings and project furnishings, WSB Interieurbouw confirms and strengthens the (brand) experience in a creative and distinctive way. Since 1958, we have been the full-service supplier of turn-key interior concepts on 8,500 m². We are strong in design, purchasing, tight project management and beautiful realization.

Design and realization WSB Interieurbouw sustainability