Daka Sport (region Rotterdam -NL): Retail design and turn key shopfitting: WSB Shopfitting Group.

Sport shops and WSB Shopfitting Group: a perfect match in a value for money that many retailers surprised!
Call WSB Shopfitting Group for more inspirational info on sport shops, nationally and internationally.
“Our retail designers travel aroud the world in cities like New York, Berlin and Paris. Here we collect creative ideas and make this practically applicable. Think for example of the shops of QuickSilver and Adidas enNew York in Paris.
On the other hand: A sports shop should be flexible, because remember that there are many types of presentation for all the different sports products. We have this on variety in stock.
WSB References in Sport are: Intersport, Brunnotti, Hanwag. Adidas, Daka Sport.


  • Location Rotterdam
  • Time 3 weken
  • Size 7500 m2
  • Delivery 2012
  • Design WSB
  • Development WSB Interieurbouw
  • Branche Sport

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The projects in the Sport category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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