Design optician and shopfitting-Brille & Mode in Uslare (GERMANY)

Retail Design and Turn key Realisation: WSB Shopfitting Group.

In Uslar (Germany) WSB Shopfitting Group realised the new optician shop “Brille + Mode”. Mrs Teschke is very content with the cooperation with the Dutch shopfitters.. The punctuality and creativity were reasons to realise this shop with WSB.

wsb ladenbau optik brille mode uslar

Gerrit Dros of WSB Shopfitting Group : “We created more space by an efficient layout of the service points in the shop. We integrated sales, service and consulation in the total experience process. A customer should by his glasses in a stunning space. WSB created a lounge corner close to the kids area.”

WSB Ladenbau Optik und mode uslar IMG_0059

Mrs Teschke – Brille und Mode: “The customer has the feeling the shop is twice a big, the revenues are growing, that gives me a good feeling.. WSB has looked very well at the character the village and region. Compliments to WSB”

WSB Ladenbau Brille und Mode Otpik IMG_0052 - kopie