High-end materials and equipment | Custom kitchen

High-end materials & equipment | Signature Kitchen -
High-end materials & equipment | Signature Kitchen -
High-end materials & equipment | Signature Kitchen -
Custom-made kitchen from Emyko with high-quality wood such as truffle beech and oak.


  • Location WSB Showroom
  • Delivery Design & realisation
  • Design Emyko Residential Interior Design
  • Development WSBDESIGN.COM
  • Branche Residential Interior Design

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Kitchen design of canteen with blue stained oak lockers.
Kitchen top with natural stone wall custom kitchen from emyko.

Custom kitchen: where beauty and functionality come together

A kitchen for those who want to distinguish themselves in both the use of materials and equipment. The basis of this custom-made kitchen is high-quality truffle beech, a special variety of beech wood with a unique texture. This texture is formed by spontaneously caused fungal attack, making each piece 100% unique. The worktop, made of polished stainless steel, matches the Pallissandro marble on the back wall beautifully. The dark contrast edge under the top is made of blue-stained oak, creating a bold mix of materials.

The kitchen is not only visually an eye-catcher but also excels in functionality. The Gaggenau appliances, with innovative technology and stylish design, add an extra dimension to the kitchen. Whether you are a culinary expert or simply love beautiful design, this kitchen is an absolute eye-catcher in any home.

Custom kitchen with a luxurious, sleek and modern look from Emyko.
Safes made of high-quality wood: blue stained oak wood in the kitchen from Emyko.

Custom kitchen design and interior construction

At WSB we have an eye for detail and a passion for our profession. We would like to personally invite you to visit our Emyko showroom, where you can discover a variety of tailor-made kitchens. Emyko, derived from the Japanese word for ‘beauty’, represents an exclusive label of WSB, focused on creating tailor-made interiors for private clients. Be inspired by the possibilities. Discover how we bring craftsmanship and individuality together.

The projects in the Residential Interior Design category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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