Wadlopen’ naar Ameland



We celebrate 65 years of WSB

The WSB team gathered at the office early, ready for a day in Ameland. The reason for this was special: WSB is celebrating its 65th anniversary! The bus took us to Friesland. The adventure started from the town of Holwerd by walking to Ameland. We saw a beautiful sunrise while walking along the dike.

The first part we walked through slippery mudflats, which resulted in lots of laughter and beautiful moments by giving each other a hand. During the trip we walked through several gullies and sturdy sandbanks. A sporty walk: about 10 km. This ended at the North Sea beach. Another group enjoyed archery and kayaking. We all got into a tractor for a ride along the beach. From there we cycled across the island, followed by lunch at the Koaikershuus. Here we had a beautiful view of the Dutch nature reserve and ended the day on Ameland with dinner. We sailed back to the mainland by boat. In short, a memorable experience!