Team design, calculation and sales

Dutch design

Last December we visited our own capital Amsterdam with the design, calculation and sales team to gain new inspiration for our customers in the coming year. Last year our WSB inspiration trip went to Paris, but Amsterdam is the Dutch testing ground for retail trends. Special store concepts in the field of innovation, storytelling and sustainability. Enough inspiration!

Successful Dutch Interior Design

The retail industry is constantly changing. After corona, consumers appear to still be looking for a physical store for an in-store experience. Creating the right atmosphere can do a lot for this. Consciously choose activating colors to emphasize the attention to materials, details and prints of clothing fashion or for a warm and homely environment. Together we discover the latest trends in style, customer and shopping behavior.

At WSB, every creative challenge starts with the right questions. Who are we addressing? Who are we and what do we want to be? WSB makes a store brand strong by creating an experience. Inspiration gives energy and gets the consumer moving. Would you like to know more about retail design? Contact us.