Bookstore Koster, NL

Bookstore Koster, NL - Bookstore Koster, NL - Bookstore Koster, NL - Bookstore Koster, NL - Bookstore Koster, NL -

Specialists in the book shop sector

Publisher and book store Koster is a specialist in the Dutch book market. Just like WSB Shopfitting. The combination of being both a publisher and a book shop enables a discerning range with added value to Koster Bookshop’s customers. Book Shop Koster’s customer base is a loyal reader audience. Koster is also targeting young readers.
The design briefing for WSB Shopfitting was focused on creating a commercial retail design, extending the visit duration and an incentive to the customers’ reading satisfaction. The envisioned ambiance is convenient, warm, stylish, not too modern, instead focused on hospitality and service. WSB Shopfitting Boekblad Shopfitting bookshop interior bookshop

Rick Blankenstijn of WSB Interiors: “WSB is eminently familiar with the practical side of bookshops. The key is to create commercial and discerning bookshops. The progressive book retailer has a close connection with its reader audience, is open to new target groups, creates experience and understands how to integrate today’s multi-media. An excellent example outside the book sector is the Dixons 3.0 concept designed by WSB Shopfitting, which is very successful. In the new generation Dixons shop, the long-tale is combined with the short-tale. Also see Hugendubel in Germany or Taschen that are successful in selling added value. Retailers must concentrate more on vertical column integration. Also read our latest interview in Boekblad about retail developments in the book sector, both domestic and abroad.” Shopfitting Apeldoorn

Shopfitting Apeldoorn

After the bankruptcy of Shopfitting Apeldoorn, WSB took over the website in order to serve the customers as much as possible. Few specialists in bookshops are still in business. WSB Shopfitting is a specialist in retail design of commercially successful bookshops, and WSB is a healthy and stable company based on a much broader strategic vision on Retail. Rick Blankenstijn: “Of course, the price of book shelves is important – but WSB Shopfitting focuses on commercially innovation shop experience. That is eventually what makes a book shelf expensive or cheap. The industrial production process of WSB Shopfitting ensures sharp pricing. WSB’s retail design is commercial, innovative, smart and distinguishing.”


  • Location Barneveld
  • Time 2 weken
  • Size 130 m2
  • Delivery 2009
  • Design WSB Retaildesign
  • Development WSB Interieurbouw
  • Branche Bookstore

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The projects in the Bookstore category are rated by our customers with a 9.1 out of 10 with 98 reviews. and the price varies from 1000,00 to 25000,00.

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