Woldringh Optiek: large store interior in Groningen

Last summer, Woldringh Optiek reopened following a thorough refurbishment. The interior concept by WSB’s retail designers is characterized by a beautiful mix of design, architecture and good routing. Nico Schreuder: “In the design, we went back to the history of Woldringh Optiek and the architectural features of the building. The design looks modern, yet at the same time you see the building’s timeless character. The stone walls and wooden beams combined with steel structures are characteristic of the building.

What we did

  1. As a team, we first thought about the identity and the future prospects of Wolderingh Optiek.
  2. We translated this company philosophy into a concrete 3D store design.
  3. Together with our client, we then drew up a budget planning and focused on the specifications of the design to be handed to the contractor and structural engineer.
  4. Finally, the execution took place on location in accordance with a minutely drawn-up planning, with the furniture being manufactured in our own factory.

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Woldringh Optiek | Groningen, Design and realization

About WSB

  • LOCATION: Groningen
  • OPPERVLAK: 100 m2
  • DELIVERY: Sleutelklaar
  • DESIGN: WSB Interior Design
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

More info?
mail or callcall Nico Schreuder: +31 33 277 17 14