Beautiful store for Smaak Amsterdam

This gem of a store has been created in Berenstraat, part of Amsterdam’s ‘9 streets’ boutique shopping district. The client specified that the store should be in line with the Smaak story. Smaak stands for feminine and cool with a chic twist. The brand is timeless and at the same time totally contemporary. The woman who buys a Smaak bag is definitely not your average woman: she is confident, independent, fashionable and knows what she wants.

WSB translated this story into a concept incorporating luxurious materials and quality. We used high-end materials such as Corian. The design is clear and the store provides a showcase for Smaak’s products. It perfectly matches those products, which means the ambiance is just right.

From fashion store interior to Lifestyle Concept

Want to take your fashion concept to the next level? Looking for uniqueness? WSB Interieurbouw provides retail design and turnkey store interiors for clothing stores, fashion labels and children’s clothes shops. Building a clothing store takes lots of preparation. The project managers from WSB will join with you in identifying a concept that matches your customer group and strategy. Every business has a different customer group, central idea and look, which means that WSB’s starting point is always different. This personal approach has resulted in a high degree of diversity in store interiors on projects already delivered. Plans and ambitions? Call WSB’s designers for an inspiring conversation: + 31 33 2771714

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