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The Seiko brand store on Heiligeweg in Amsterdam underwent a complete metamorphosis last autumn. The retail designers from WSB drew up the concept in accordance with the global shop concept. Rick Blankenstijn of WSB: “Thanks to the many tourists it attracts, Amsterdam is an important cornerstone. With this new concept, Seiko want to create an experience store that translates and affirms the values of the brand and communicates them even more strongly to their extensive distribution network. For WSB’s retail designers this was a great assignment, the more so because Seiko are so well known in the Benelux countries in terms of the design of their watches and their logistics services. Major strides are being taken in this regard in Belgium too, again with the assistance of WSB. In terms of execution, we are known for our quality and the highly-organised manner in which we refurbish stores.”

Always one step ahead of the rest

At the age of 21, Kintaro Hattori opened a clock repair shop in the centre of Tokyo. From these modest beginnings, within a few years the business grew to become a leading manufacturer of clocks and watches. The rapid growth made high demands of Kintaro’s craftsmanship and energy. But it also brought him the vision that his company and products should “Always be one step ahead of the rest”. Seiko is currently headed by Kintaro’s great-grandson. But his vision is still the guiding light for the world’s most innovative watchmaker.

Seiko and WSB: shared visions.

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Seiko Conceptstore | Amsterdam (NL)

About WSB

  • LOCATION: Heiligeweg, Amsterdam
  • OPPERVLAK: 50 m2
  • DELIVERY: 2018
  • DESIGN: WSB Retail Design | Worldwide shop concept
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

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