Daka Intersport | Rotterdam (NL)

Restyling sports shop

Intersport Daka Rotterdam is a good example of how a smart investment can result in a far-reaching upgrade. When you walk inside the sports shop, the changes are immediately obvious, without the entire store having been modified. The fitting rooms were formerly in the middle of the ground floor, which was good for routing but made it harder for customers to find their way around. For this reason, the fitting rooms have been placed against the wall. This modification has resulted in a store which is easy to take in at a glance and looks bigger.

In order to trigger customers, adjustments have been made to various wall panels, which have a metal-look finish and feature large light boxes. The use of quality graphics on the light boxes not only creates a pleasant atmosphere, it also makes it obvious to customers where they can find which items.

In short, the store has been upgraded to a contemporary look without having to close – which made the store manager very happy because it meant no lost sales.

Inspiration for sports shops

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  • Location Rotterdam
  • Time 1 week
  • Size 3000m2
  • Delivery 2017
  • Design WSB Retail design
  • Development WSB Shopfitting
  • Branche Retail formulas

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