(Bicycle Shop) opens new offline shops with WSB

For various online retailers, a physical shop is a must in addition to their online shop. Bicycles require maintenance and selection advice in the buying process. This is why adding a shop improved the business model of many e-tailers. has seen extreme growth in the past few years. In addition to the online store, the retailer’s physical stores are popping up like mushrooms.

“For a large group of people, a bicycle is a product that they want to see, feel and try before they buy”, says Stefano Duringhof. Consumers can also go to the shop for maintenance and service.

WSB Interiors realises interior of bicycle shop

WSB Interiors realised the store interior of the new outlet in Rotterdam. was looking for a party that could act quickly and create a high-quality product. After a thorough search, we selected WSB. They are experts and fulfil their commitments. Their experience in store interiors was the key factor. 

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Interior Bicycle Shop

About WSB

  • LOCATION: Rotterdam
  • DURATION: 1,5 week
  • SHOPAREA: 580 m2
  • REALISATION: WSB Shopfitting

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